Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It’s my notebook

Today we love the Kapok Moleskine from Kapok, 280 HKD upward - http://www.ka-pok.com/

Come in and spend over 500 HKD at our NEW BOUTIQUE, 108 Wellington Street on the 4th Floor from 11:00am to 6:00pm and get a FREE Moleskine note book from Kapok.

With Love from this Christmas

Friday, December 11, 2009

Apothecary please

Today we love all products MALIN+GOETZ - the packaging is uber chic how can anyone stay away.

Come down to the Vitamin Water Pop-Up Store and try out the products, 39 Staunton Street, Soho, 6pm to 9pm

With Love This Christmas

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Obi Coin Purse

Today we love the Misha Obi Coin Purse 280 HKD - www.mischadesigns.com/

Come in and spend over 500 HKD at our NEW BOUTIQUE, 108 Wellington Street on the 4th Floor from 11:00am to 6:00pm and get a FREE Misha Obi Coin Purse - Like a colourful jewel easily tucked away in your handbag.

With Love This Chrismas

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Aura

Today we love Aura photography from Sonia Samtani Consulting at approx 200 HKD - www.soniasamtani.com

Come in and spend over 500 HKD at our NEW BOUTIQUE, 108 Wellington Street on the 4th Floor from 11:00am to 6:00pm and get a FREE photograph of your aura and an analysis (learn which Charka’s are blocked).

With Love This Christmas

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nice Nails

Today we love the Deluxe Manicure from GLOW, 350 HKD – www.glow.hk

Come in and spend over 500 HKD at our NEW BOUTIQUE, 108 Wellington Street on the 4th Floor from 11:00am to 6:00pm and get a FREE manicure from GLOW.

With Love This Christmas

Friday, December 4, 2009

Our scrumptious secret of the day

Today we love Sweet Secrets Christmas Cupcakes a set of 6 is 228 HKD, http://www.sweetsecrets.com.hk

visit us at our NEW BOUTIQUE, 108 Wellington Street on the 4th Floor from 11:00am to 6:00pm and get a set of 3 Cupcakes to share with your loved ones for FREE.

Sweet Secrets
35 Graham Street
t: 25458886

With love this Christmas

Thursday, December 3, 2009

DEC 4th - An artistic delight

We are finally moved in our new space ....

Today we love Stefan Strumbel’s prints approx 3800 HKD up at ufoArtgallery - http://www.ufoartgallery.com/

BE ONE OF FIVE TO visit us at our NEW BOUTIQUE, 108 Wellington Street on the 4th Floor from 11:00am to 7:00pm and get a 10% off Strumbel’s print.

Exhibition opens this evening (Fri 4th)
G/F 39 Graham Street
t: 2151 3772

With love this Christmas

Monday, November 30, 2009

An Adventurous Advent Calendar

Traditionally the advent calendar consists of two pieces of cardboard on top of each other. Twenty-four doors are cut out in the top layer, with a number ranging from one to twenty-four on each. Beginning on the first day of December, one door is opened each day, counting down the days remaining until Christmas Eve, from one to twenty-four where the 24th door often holds an extra surprise like an extra large piece of chocolate.

Till today I love opening the doors on the calendar to find out what the surprise behind the door will be, often in life we forget how the simplest pleasures are the most exciting – occasionally its nice to be a kid again. So this year we decided to share the fun and excitement and have put together our own calendar with a ton of goodies behind each door, making Christmas shopping less stressful for all of us.

Each day we will be giving you a uber fun Christmas gift you could get for your friends, family and loved ones….off course each trendy item is hand selected by us at Kanchan Couture.

So pop by our new shop – at 108 Wellington Street 4th Floor (We are so excited to have moved to a brand new space) or visit our website or blog to learn what the adventure of the day will bring. Feel free to tell us what you like or are looking for and we’ll try and get it on there.

If you do pop by our store and spend over 500 HKD, you'll get the mentioned gift for free!! For more details ring us: 2117 1782

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la….


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fashionable Vitamin Water

Who knew that water could be so fashionably "cool".... Coca Cola Inc has done it again....

Chic packaging
Great colors to brighten a gray day
Strong / smart branding and market entry
..this makes one realize the importance of good branding and getting the whole package right.

Bravo to the new fashionable water in town!!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The New "It" Bag...

Woke up this morning loving my python skin black and white matt finish bag.

Clean powerful appearance, authentic materials, quality workmanship and real life practical focus are the pillars of Laykh. Either rocked with jeans, taking care of business in a suit or femme fatale in a little black dress, the strong and sexy streamlined looks are the epitome of modern style whilst retaining eternal elegance.

The very talented designer Kash is a dear friend and inspiration. Seen her spend long hours contemplating the R&D for the bags, the brand identity and the business as a whole….. she’s got some great new stuff in the works.

We love LAYKH (Destiny)..

t: (852) 6080 5802


Sunday, November 15, 2009

A night to remember....

Every show is the same - months of preparation and then in just a few minutes it's all over……Driving on days of adrenaline and then suddenly it hits its peak and a low follows, now the search for the next “big thing” is on. For me, this train of emotions is one of the highlights of being in the fashion industry.

Style for School was a great success, the night started with guests arriving and having their picture taken, followed by champagne, canapés and a lot of chatter. The doors opened and the games began. An hour later the show was over and the audience were left wow-ing the dresses.

A big Thank you to all the people who gave their time and energy in putting together this event, most of the dresses were auctioned and a good deal of money was raised for Room to Read.

Leave you to wonder who the new owners of these fabulous frocks are……


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Style 4 Schools

A couple of months ago a friend of mine wrote me an email and asked if I would like to be involved in a Charity event called Style 4 School, without hesitating I said yes, yes, yes…..I was especially intrigued as Room To Read, was the charity involved. They raise money to educate young girls all over the world, helping women get more of what they want.

The task at Hand….was to mentor Hong Kong International school 12th grader Orange Chan while she put together a collection of 5 dresses. What a ride its been, from long hours of looking at mood boards, tech drawings and fabric picking the collection is finally ready and the event lined up for this Friday.

The Quintessentially Foundation’s inaugural Hong Kong fundraiser will take place on Friday 13th November 2009, when it presents ‘Style 4 Schools’ - THE fashion event with a difference.

…..W Hotel from 7pm to indulge in a night of fashion, frivolity and fundraising.

It is often said that the perfect wardrobe is based around one classic item - the Little Black Dress. Keeping this in mind, this very special fashion fundraiser will include a fashion show of iconic pieces donated by renowned international designers Chloé, John Rocha, Salvatore Ferragamo, DVF and Matthew Williamson, to name but a few. If you like what you see, there will be an opportunity to bid for the dresses in an auction with all proceeds benefitting Room To Read, the charity which endeavors to improve the lives of children through opportunities that only education can provide.

This event will also see the launch of an exciting new inter-schools competition, where Hong Kong students showcase their creations and compete to win a fashion internship.

Don’t miss this chance to combine luxury, fashion and philanthropy - seats and spaces are STRICTLY limited so it is advisable to book now to avoid disappointment. Prices are: HKD 1250 (VIP seating and lucky draw), HKD 750 (adult standing) and HKD 250 (students standing).

For more information or to reserve your tickets, please contact r2rhk@quintessentiallyfoundation.org

Sneek Preview…one of the dresses Indian inspired…


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Blue and White Night

A week later and the cloud of chaos is just beginning to settle down. What a few weeks it was with late nights in the studio, worries of the collection arriving on time in the correct fabric and color, long email chains back and forth with all the people involved, the phone ringing off the hook and a great build of up adrenaline…

It always amazes me at how fast it is over and now to reviewing the new collection and seeing where and how we can take it to new heights.

For more images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8600243@N02/4051935887/in/set-72157622680842662/

Blue and White – Changing hands (A/W09)

“..a pot in order to be good should be a genuine expression of life. It implies sincerity on the part of the potter and truth in the conception and execution of the work” Bernard Leach

There are two main themes of the collection - re-cycling meddled along with tradition. I draw two topics worlds apart and fuse them together. Usually in the making and buying process (of collections) there is up to 30 percent wastage and instead of throwing this away I decided that this should be re-molded and turned into something beautiful and wearable. We are such a wasteful society and it is important for everyone to start to do their bit to change people’s attitude and thinking.

The new print and general feel of the collection comes from the famous Blue and While Porcelain. Fashion and this fine art of ceramics are alike in that they adapt and integrate ideas from other disciplines molding into a new form. The passing down of family porcelain, it is this traditional aspect that interests me. It is all about a families legacy, and most families have something they pass down whether it be a scarf, ring etc in my family there has been a feud for a long time about who my grand father’s tea set belongs to – this all fits in well with the idea of re-using as generation upon generation pass down this very treasured item, almost admired as it is “old" but “new” at the same time. My inspiration is derived from my intricate Asian roots which I elegantly blend with the simple, classic and bold shapes of the 1980’s western world.

Oh Oh and the new website is up and running…so please do check it out:

www.kanchancouture.com (designed and creative by uforepublic)

This is what I really love about the fashion world it never stops….what we got brewing next is the question?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Years On

In the last week or so I have been waking up with a feeling of butterflies in my stomach, it is a cross between excitement, nervousness and just plain exhaustion as the day to the show gets closer. It’s a crazy world wind of coordinating the arrival and feedback of samples for the new collection, casting models, planning the show and event logistics etc.

All this would have not been possible without the great people in my life. So I just want to say a BIG thank you to them all. Holger and Jane from uforepublic (www.uforepublic.com) for the amazing job they have done on the re-branding and unconditional hours of work. Danni from Guanxi for organizing the event, Tatler Magazine, Sarah from Sweet Secrets from the yummy cupcakes, Paul Gerrard for the time and energy in planning the hair and make-up for the show, PLAY for the venue and Sashay for the hats to go with the collection.

Last but not least Sharon for all the late nights, hard work, love and laughter…and off course my uber supporting family and lovely friends.

Hope to see you all at the show, please do RSVP.

For more details : http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AWhHYY9U4gHkZGN0a3R2M3pfMTZnbXRwbWZkeg&hl=en

Co-Hosted by Hong Kong Tatler Couture Magazine, Kanchan Couture celebrates 2 years birthday with a visual re-branding by uforepublic, eco fashion show organized by Guanxi Connection at PLAY....bringing you a glamorous night to remember.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

China oh China

This past weekend, Kanchan Couture was invited to participate in an International Design Fair in Shenzhen, China. Thinking this would be the perfect way to test the collection in the mainland market I jumped on the opportunity, little did I know the weekend would throw me on a roller coaster ride. Don’t think there are quite enough words in the English language to describe the emotions; experiences and learning that came my way. Traveling to China on a regular basis I though this would be no different..….little did I know.

It all started with being stuck at the custom declarations for 8 hours with none of the officers having a clue as to what the rules are and what should be done, in terms of bringing garments into China. Arriving at the fair set up much later than expected and hearing that it was closed and we had to set up later on, which was a lie. As at the end we did set up and were allowed to be there till 10pm.

The night was then spent in fear as there was no real night storage and one was just suppose to leave all their belongings at the booths.

Spent the weekend arguing with the bi-polar fair organizers about customs and what “should” be done, showing the collections to potential buyers who gave great feedback, judging what the most popular pieces that were picked up by the china market and how that was different to the Hong Kong market, looking around to see what other innovative design concepts were / are blooming and breathing in all that the china market has to offer. Off course not to forget eating congee and noodles for breakfast, having an interesting pedicure and most importantly practicing the few words I know in Mandarin.

My learning’s:

_Never believe anything the government says and get more than all the paper work needed for customs

_China is a great market with people being uber open to new ideas and concepts

Some images from a mall in sz....My favorite Armani - Anmani?

All in all I got to spend my weekend doing what is high value to me – sharing my prints, fabrics and collections with new people, eating amazing food at amazing prices and spending quality time with my boy…….ah what more does one need from life!!

Life is beautiful….

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I want a surfboard….

Having dear friends who own an art gallery in town always keeps me up to date with the art scene, we often spend long dinners discussing why there is not more art and sub culture in Hong Kong?

Well there are definitely a few galleries in town trying to do something new and fresh, one of them happens to be – ufoart gallery. Owners Jane and Holger traveled over from Germany to show Hong Kong the meaning Lowbrow – street art.

This particular exhibition caught my eye as the artist Phil is multi-talented, not only does he create works of art but he’s also part of the fashion world designing for many great labels.

Phil Hayes has been making and exhibiting art for more than 20 years now. He has exhibited in well over 150 group shows and this exhibition in Hong Kong will be his 10th solo exhibition. His work is held in public and private collections all over the world from Japan to USA, even in Lithuania.

Australian born and bred, Phil worked as a teacher and then lecturer in fine art before moving into the surf industry where he became an artist, then head designer for Surf Company Rip Curl. After 5 years as the head designer for Rip Curl he moved to the company Quiksilver. At Quiksilver he was head designer for many years and has recently made the move to live in Hong Kong and work in the Quiksilver global sourcing where he is the Product and Sourcing Director.

The move to Hong Kong is clearly seen in the new body of work. Indeed the works are all about the move from Australia to Hong Kong and the cultural and iconic differences between the two countries. “This is why I have titled the show Australese - a mix of Australia, Hongkongese and Chinese” Phil says.

Intricate Chinese designs are seen placed with a classic old Australian car or some Australian wild life - the juxtaposition of these images creates a tension of sorts but also the end result is quite beautiful.

My favorite is the surfboard on auction right now.....…..12,800 HKD

Umm where could it sit at my house??



Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a week…

This week like every other just seemed to zoom along at the blink of an eye. It was perhaps a bit more of a jam packed week with not only trying to fit in the daily running’s of a business, managing people, designing a new collection, working on a brand re-design, preparing for an event but also running to forum’s, fashion shows, and parties put on by the master card luxury fashion week in Hong Kong.

Coming up to 2 years of running Kanchan Couture, while always trying to stay inspired it often feels like a up hill struggle and being human it is only natural that you question what your doing, how could you do it better or what is it that your doing wrong, how could you be making more money, having more clients..blah blah blah.

What a week it was …not just for me but the world of fashion with Esprit seeing profits fall 40 percent this quarter, Hermes profit below expectation and Christian Lacroix falling ….yet amidst this there is hope in Asia!!

Going to fashion week’s luxury forum helped me in remembering how much I truly love the world of fashion, from both angles - creative and business. The panel of speakers ranged from directors of luxury brands to renounced writers to retail real estate giants. Each speaker not only shared great insights into the industry and also a positive / passionate sprit on where and how Asia is developing as a market with its very interesting consumer group…starting a business in Asia was perhaps the correct choice.

The weeks ended with the wrap party thrown by Quintessentially and Taubman, and what a party it was, fashionably dressed people, a creative collaboration of Havianas and Pikpiking, blinking of camera flashes, champagne and great music.

Bring it on Asia!!!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Red Dress Rescues

And they say fashion does not have a heart…well this year as the world get more conscientious so does fashion.

MasterCard Worldwide today announced its support of the Go Red For Women campaign by bringing it to Hong Kong in conjunction with MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong 2009. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke – the No.1 killer of women worldwide.

In support of the Hong Kong Heart Foundation, MasterCard will auction four red dresses specially designed by internationally-renowned Hong Kong designers.

The exclusive red dresses by Shanghai Tang, Dorian Ho, Vivienne Tam, and Ports 1961 will be shown at the closing show—The Red Dress Collection presented by MasterCard—on 29 August. The closing show will also showcase red dresses from a number of MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong participating brands, and include a limited-edition piece by Tommy Hilfiger.

Bidding will be open to MasterCard cardholders from 24 August, coinciding with the start of MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong. The dresses will be on display at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong for the duration of the event. Bidding will close at 12.00am on 30 August and the MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong website will be regularly updated during the course of the week to indicate the highest bid received for each dress.

Dorian Ho
Riding on the theme of Dorian Ho’s FW 09 Collection ‘Diva’, this timeless garnet tulle netting gown was inspired by Dorian’s muse, Audrey Hepburn. Yards and yards of netting were needed to create this ballerina like dress. It’s voluminous, yet delicate. It’s simple yet elegant. The neckline-décolleté bateau is delicately encrusted with Crystallized Swarovski crystals, creating a faux necklace effect.

Ports 1961
This Red Dress creation is inspired by the traditional aesthetics of India’s Mugal Dynasty. The Henna gown takes on a modern sensuality in handcrafted Parisienne panne silk velvet. The cloth is transformed through several artisanal processes: woven on a jacquard loom, then a burned out print technique creates dimension and fluidity to the rose pattern. A final hand painted touch using copper pigments on each individual flower adds luster to this couture fabric. The simple asymmetric hem gown is then infused with a final hand embroidery technique of additional layers of flower appliqué for a luxurious 3D effect.

Vivienne Tam
Vivienne Tam has found inspiration for her Fall 2009 collection in the concept of “nothingness”. Starting with the Asian philosophy of creating an empty space that gives way to something new and unexpected, Tam explores concept, design and form, to present an intuitive and unique collection.

So come on support and place your bid today - http://www.mastercardluxuryweek.com.hk/


Monday, August 24, 2009

And the games begin…

Today is the first day of the grand MasterCard luxury fashion week in Hong Kong, and being a young designer it is always interesting to go along to the events and see how the big brands are doing their thing.

Intriguing to learn from the more experienced....so I went along to the briefing by Proff Michel Phan which talked of << The Luxury Industry: Lessons Learnt from Past Crises.>>

Luxury is a magical world......with the uber chic-ly dressed guests , the paparazzi snapping away and the perfectly adorned ball room where the event is held makes me strive harder so that one day in the near future Kanchan Couture will too be able to hold these events.

Wanted to share some wise learnings from Dr.Phan.

Four Key Strategies adopted by the major luxury groups during a crisis:

1. Develop its retail network through new stores openings and / or refurbishing in key strategic locations/ cities
2. Launch of new products to continuously stimulate consumer demand
3. Improve financial health by cutting costs, creating greater efficiencies and savings and better managing logistics / supply chain
4. Diversify into strategic but complementary businesses, or acquire greater control of current businesses.

Keep pushing ahead was the main message I took away...looking forward to the week full of events!!

Long Live Luxury!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Events galore..

A large part of Hong Kong life is all about networking and going to events although I do enjoy it, often it can get a bit exhausting.

On Tuesday night Kanchan Couture and Wineway put on an event called the little black dress, at first the thought of putting on another event was a bit daunting especially since it is officially the middle of the summer vacation. But it turned out a wonderful evening of chatting to new friends, creative people while also learning about what styling means to different people. Nights like this always bring me back to my element realizing that it is wonderful to be social, learning new things from everyone around you.

Thought to share some images from the event:

“The Little Black Dress” – On three different personalities, 16 different ways to jazz up that little black dress while learning about some exquisite wines.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

In the summertime when the weather is fine...

We want YOU to be a part of the Summer FUN….

From Tuesday the 11th of August (Tomorrow!!) to Saturday the 15th of August Kanchan Couture will be debuting an innovative eye stopping marketing campaign and we want YOU to be a part of the FUN FUN FUN!!

What can you win?

A 100% silk unique hand printed scarf

How can you win?

It’s very simple!

All you need to do is spot a Kanchan Couture ad walker, take a photo of it, upload it onto facebook and send us an email with the link to: info@kanchancouture.com

There will be 3 lucky winners so hurry and email us!

Clues on where to find the Kanchan Couture Ad Walkers:

_Central …sure you’ve seen the sneak preview on the escalator

_During peak hours of the day (Lunchtimes, After work)

_If you are not sure what an Ad Walker is or looks like here you go

Friday, August 7, 2009

An exercise in re-branding

They say time flies when your having fun, and that is definitely true when running your own fashion business. This September will mark a big 2 years for Kanchan Couture, but it feels like yesterday when the first collection was launched.

With lots of sweat, love and labor Kanchan Couture has build up a reputation for designing luxurious women’s wear, participated in fashion shows around the globe, worked with high profile media / corporations and played an active role in the Hong Kong’s fashion scene….what an exciting two years its been. People tend to ask about the experience of running a business. And boy all I can say it that it is an incredible journey - no matter how much experience you have, I don’t think one can ever fully be prepared for the ride.

Before taking the brand to the next level, we have decided to do a bit of re-branding of ogo, website, printed materials etc so that the third year starts off with a big bang. Holger and Jane from uforepublic (www.uforepublic.com) are working on giving Kanchan Couture an awesome new look!

Apart from all the difficult decisions on what text looks best, what logo best represents the brand, it been a great exercise for me to reflect on what Kanchan Couture really stands for and what I want the world to see. After an intensive interview with Jane she came up with different ideas as to what it will all look like.

A creative brainstorm lunch and its all moving ahead in full steam…..I cant wait to the whole package together. That’s the beauty of the creative process….never static, always changing, wonderfully surprising!

Left: Jane from uforepublic

Watch out for Kanchan Couture this Septemeber!!!

A big thank you to uforepublic


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lake Blue Reeboks

Being a high heels kinda gal who has not seen a gym in years, sports shoes and sportswear are not really my forte. This summer has hopefully seen a change in me as I decided it was time to hit the gym and get fit. The next obstacle was what to wear to the gym…as you look around you see all these women pumping iron, holding a tree pose for several minutes yet looking like they could put on their heels and go out to a club. Looking chic in designer gear from Stella McCartney to Lulu Lemon seems to be a trend these days.
So my question is does designer sports wear actually make you perform better?

Experts believe that when women look good, they feel good thus giving them more confidence to push them selves harder and perform better. Agreed that this would work in all scenarios, if you feel sexy in that little black number you're wearing you’ll be more confident to go up to and talk to the cute boy in line next to you or at the bus stop.

What one feels good in is very subjective – my dear friend LT loves Fendi bags and feels superhot when she carries one, thus this would make her perform optimally in all situations, gym or no gym. Whereas another near and dear - SS she loves her Zara dresses more then life it self. It is not really about the “designer sports wear” but rather about the feeling one gets when they put on the shorts, top or sneaker.

In life I believe in always trying to perform at my optimal, thus finding out what gives me that “great” feeling, putting a smile on my face, and on the faces of those around me…. not sure if I’ll ever make it to the gym or not, but you’ll definitely see me running around feeling magical in my Lake Blue Reebok’s - putting those stilettos on hold for now!


Thanks to Jeff for taking the images (www.jeff-hahn.com) and to Louise for the inspiration!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Momentous Mumbai

Returned from a dear friends wedding in Mumbai some days ago feeling overwhelmed but absolutely in love with the city.

Being inspired by the architecture, people, colors and just the smell of life…Wanted to share some images I took on my Black and White camera:

<There is so much Italian in Indians, and so much Indian in Italians. They are both people of the Madonna – they demand a Goddess, even if the religion does not provide one. Every man in both countries is a singer when he is happy; and every woman is a dancer when she walks to the shop corner .For them food is music inside the body and music is food inside the heart. The language of India and the language Italy , they make every man a poet and make something beautiful from every banalite. These are nations where love –amore, pyaar- makes a cavalier of a Borsalino on a street corner, and makes a princess of a peasant girl , if only for the second that her eyes meet yours.>>

-- Shantaram


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

..oh oh a ground floor space it is..

Ever since I got into fashion I remember Comme des Garcons with their uber cool guerilla marketing and pop up stores around the world, wondering when I could pull off an idea like that. Well a year and a bit down the line, with a little bit of persuasion, luck, kindness…. here you have a ground floor space / pop up store.

Kanchan Couture and ufoArtgallery present

“72 Hours”

A pop-up store experience where fashion is the new art!

Open for 3 days only, “72 Hours” is an impeccably cool collaboration between luxe women’s wear label Kanchan Couture and ufoArtgallery, supported by TimeOut Magazine . In the heart of Central, 39 Graham street “72 Hours” will house a visual feast of limited edition collections of clothing, art, accessories and a playfully decorated interior which will be on the move every 24 hours.

Be sure to catch the new window daily - definitely an intoxicating visual journey.

“72 Hours “ will open its doors at 10am on Friday, 26th June until Sunday, 28th June 6:30pm. As the sun sets, each day will bring about a brief interlude of creative events:

Friday 26th June, 6:30pm onward White Knights

There are three rules that must be followed, wear a white T-Shirt, bring a colourful pen and don’t leave until you have written on someone else’s blank canvas (also known as the White T-Shirt).

Not only will Kanchan Couture launch a line of limited edition white Tee’s but the idea behind the evening is that essentially the white Tee is a blank canvas waiting to be created on. “We want people to engage and create with one another! Coming to the exhibit with a white tee interacting, drawing and painting on someone’s white tee leaving with a new work of art, we are all artists in our own right” says Kanch.

Saturday 27th June, 6:30pm onward Fashionistas Anonymous

Having shopping withdrawal? Is the recession wearing you down? Don’t despair - at the end of the night you will leave with a new item of clothing without having to break your wallet. The only requirement for this evening is to bring an item of clothing from your closet is not worn anymore (this is a must) – and there you have it a modern day cloths swapping party. Not only will one leave with a new item but also inspiration on how to style, play and wear it!
Fashion is art and art is fashion, so come and create with us!

A HUGE Thank You to all those people who help me make my dream come alive… Holger, Jane, Toby and Kate from Ufoartgallery, TimeOut Magazine, Interlink Productions, Hip Hong Kong, Silver Black Card, Enoglobe, Global Resources, Al

About ufoArtgallery

ufoArtgallery, a new venture from Holger Bartel and Jane Zimmermann, the founders of uforepublic, a graphics and web design agency, exhibits Lowbrow, Street- and Fine Art. Lowbrow is a visual art movement branching out from underground comics, hotrod, punk rock, surf- and tattoo culture. It has a sense of humor that sometimes is gleeful, sarcastic and impish.
Holger and Jane are dedicated to promoting newcomers and young artists from all over the world - “We want to see the local art scene grow and thrive.”


A HUGE Thank You to all those people who help me make this dream come alive… Holger, Jane, Toby and Kate from ufoartgallery, TimeOut Magazine, Interlink Productions, Hip Hong Kong, Silver Black Card, Enoglobe, Global Resources, Alsco Wines

Kanch and Holger at ufoartgallery

info@kanchancouture.com www.kanchancouture.com

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dear FASHIONgraduates…….

The path of least resistance along with a pinch of persistence…

The weeks original blog title was to be “Not for the weak hearted: the changing fashion rules Baghdad-Style” but as the week unfolded watching events that appeared I decided to put that on the back burner just for a second and to ramble about an issue that made me itch… what really is the future for fashion graduates?

With hundreds of new fashion graduates fresh out of college and 52 universities around the UK taking part in Graduate Fashion Week, a lot of the articles I have been reading recently are directed to asking, what the future holds for these fresh grads in this kind of climate?

The opening line of a column in the FT this weekend was “You are starting out in a career at a very different time and it’s important that you not be afraid.” Ah yes FEAR….that lovely emotion that seems to have been around for centuries, kills hopes, dreams, and careers. Although I do see all the economic garb around us as being real: 52 per cent of interviewees thought the prospects for new grads were limited and 36 per cent did not expect to get a job this year. I still believe if you choose your path of least resistance and are in love with what you do this alone will make you reach unbelievable heights.

The last time I checked fashion was about passion, persistence and living a dream so why is it now that it would be any different? If we are to look back at the lives of any one of the great designers we see that they all have been tough ups and downs so with them in our hearts we must go on – recession or no recession.

“An arresting fashion show is not enough nowadays: persistence is crucial” – I say hasn’t persistence always been crucial to being successful.

All that aside, if the retails sector is staying positive despite fall in sales…then we can too!

My fashionistas…with your fresh ideas and new blood, you are the fashion worlds most valuable asset!

The world is yours to fashion.


Friday, May 29, 2009

And Inspiration struck…

In the last few weeks it feels more than ever before life has inundated me with a rush of new people, lots of fun events and creativity creativity creativity…. With Hong Kong Art fair passing us by it got me thinking about What “art” is? and what it really means to be an “artist”?

As Andy Warhol said - "An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have but that he or she – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

A few weeks ago some friends of mine who own and run an art gallery (www.ufoartgallery.com) on Graham street were having the vernissage of a new exhibition and had brought the artist down from Germany. I was lucky enough to cross paths with him a few times while he was in Hong Kong. Being the curious cat that I am, wasting no time I launched into asking his opinion on art, fashion, music the likes.

The artist

Hendoc, born as Hendrik Docken in West-Berlin, moved to the forests near Frankfurt in 1968. He works with wood from trees that have been cut down or that have fallen due to the old age. Hendoc believes that each bark of a tree holds up to 300 years of history that’s why they are so special. Another of his favorite mediums is gold leaf, every year he travels over to Alaska to a gold mine where he washes up this precious metal that is used in his works.

Eager to know his view on artists and designers, I asked him what he thought of Andy Warhol’s work, Damien Hirst’s work and my personal superstar Karl Lagerfeld’s work. He had great respect for Warhol and his background, seemed blurry on Hirst’s work but thought Lagerfeld was a genius.

…Business Art

….Art Business

…Fashion Art

…Fashion Business

"Business Art is a step that comes after art" , we got talking about how business and art work together. There always seems to be a clash in the industry between the creative side and the business mind. To a certain degree it is true that the artist always wants to create without any restrictions. But then again business in itself is an art?

It seems to me that as artists / designers mature they first find themselves in their art, creating a style and learning what works for them. Once this process is on its way they then organically find a way to turn it into a game, which not only brings them joy in creating, but also a decent income. Everybody needs to make an income to live but I find that most artists’ motivation is to create for the sake of creativity….

It is always a pleasure meeting inspirational minds, their love for life shows in their eyes and runs through their veins. The energy they give out makes you want to create create create….

Toward the end of our conversation we contemplated the art of life itself….which too has been carefully scripted and planned before we experience it. Nothing ends up in one’s life unless it perfectly supports us in having the experience we want to have. Nothing is ever random or accidental either….isnt it beautiful to know that each of our paintings are beautifully composed

Long Live Art!