Monday, January 31, 2011

Couture ... a dying art ?

It is true, only 200 of the richest people in the world are about the only people who can afford true couture. The 2 ~ 4000 man hours, the design, the engineering, the workmanship... impeccable. With Couture Fashion Week reduced to 3 days, people worry that this dying art is not accessible enough.

The nature of Couture and Haute Couture is that the pieces are high in cost, which is why the customers are very targeted. Are fashion shows the true way to admire couture, or are private showings the way to go where the best Couture in the world can be apreciated by those who can afford and wear it? In my opinion, our leaders in Couture should stop showing their pieces during fashion weeks. Private shows, will definitely optimize sales of the pieces, make the pieces that much more special and elite. This would be depriving many of the wondrous views of incredible work, myself included. However, private catwalks, mini-shows, one-on-one viewings, shall take couture into a new era of exclusivity.

While we ponder the future of Couture, here's a few of my faves from Couture Week S/S 2011, by two of my favorite artists:
Jean Paul Gautier boasted the runways with a punk couture look...

Oh Dior .. salute to René Gruau

Some of the silhouettes looking familiar? By Kanchan Couture...

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Fashion

Lady Gaga and her meat dress, although put animal activists around the world on a rampage, was not the first person to sport some food Fashion.

Ted Sabarese, photographer, shot a series of photos titled 'Hunger Pains', echoing what his models wanted most..
Elegant in Protein
Lasagna indulgence
But bread is so good...
Death by artichoke?

I wouldn't wear food dresses, but I would definitely give the following food accessories a try ...

Pass me the Broccoli Please!
Berry Beautiful
Chocolate Studs
Uhm, maybe I wouldn't wear this fish bracelet,
could hurt my dating life!

Eggplant shoes
Banana Leaf Straps
Hungry for more?

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What would you do with 30 Billion US Dollars?

“Buy a Hermès Boat and take my friends & family on a month long holiday ...oh and save the fishes.”
- Kanch
The Jewelry Industry makes up to 30 billion shmackerooos every year! To name a few top guns in the industry:

SIGNET JEWELERS LIMITED $3,290.70M - Hamilton, Bermuda

ZALE CORPORATION $1,616.31M - Irving, TX

TANAKA KIKINZOKU JEWELRY K.K. $1,231.77M - Chuo-Ku, Tokyo


Tiffany & Co. Ltd made $633.6M in the first quarter of 2010 alone. Blue Nile, online jewelry store (based in Hong Kong), raked in $74.1M during the same period. 30 Billion dollars, is a huge dish of Pecan Pie, and while doing research about the jewelry industry, I realized – there’s enough for everyone to go around. Pie that is. Money on the other hand, we have to earn – so Kanch by Kanchan Couture has been in the wood-works designing, creating, tweaking, pounding, shaping, molding, buffing, shining, and of course product testing.

The team at Kanchan Couture has been working hard to develop a line of young, contemporary, surreal lush jewelry. Delving into the world of Jewelry has always been one of Kanch's dreams ever since she was a little girl, and now that this dream is finally coming true, we are excited to give you all a sneak peak into what we have created for you.

Aimed at women aged 16-35, this range is aimed to be fun, easy to wear, and will add personality to any ensemble. Boasting Kanchʼs signature style, we will soon launch this set in five different colours – pink, red, yellow, black and white, available in white gold plated and yellow gold plated.

Amongst our rings and earrings, we also hope to come out with charm bracelets, necklaces, and many more exciting pieces for you. If you’re reading this, and have ideas you would like to share with us, please email , or simply drop me a line to give me your thoughts.

In the meantime, if you had to ask me – If I would like a sliver from the 30 Billion Dollar pie - - I would only say two words, “Yes Please.”

Calling All Romantics --> If you want to surprise your loved ones this Valentines Day, contact info@kanchancouture or call 2117 1782 for price and details.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thinking about Killer Men...

Parental Guidance is strongly advised for reading this blog. Anything said or referred to in this blog has been said with humour in mind…

Being well dressed has not always been a major criteria for people committing major crimes, but it seems that if you are a killer and dressed to kill, then you’re directly related to being linked amongst some of the most infamous killers of all time:

Ted Bundy
This man used to visit the corpses several times after he had raped and murdered women, and practiced necrophilia. To give more detail, he would leave the bodies of his victims at a nearby mountain dump site, apply makeup to them, and sleep with them. Notoriously known for his charm, good looks, and killer ways, he wasn’t able to woo and fool his women by being just another average dressed man. If he were alive today, I’d slap some Dolce & Gabbana - something from the Fall / Winter 2010 collection (see below) on him and he’d be even more irresistible…
Next on my list of Fashionable Felons is the male model that admitted to killing a journalist in the UK last Friday (click here to read more). Renato Seabra wanted to cure himself of Homosexuality so he continued to mutilate Carlos Castro with a corkscrew. Other rumours said that the two were lovers and Carlos refused to take Renato on a shopping trip. Regardless the reason, Renato – I wonder what you wore, maybe something from Diesel?
The Zodiac
I recently watched a movie on DVD, Zodiac, based on the Zodiac Killer active in the 60s and 70s, the Zodiac became a legendary story more notably because of the ciphers he sent to the police and press taunting them with the puzzle of his identity -- and then because of the killing spree he went on. Their prime suspect was never prosecuted because actual evidence and circumstantial evidence never matched. Whoever the Zodiac was, decided to start wearing a disguise to protect his identity. In the theme of disguises, I would have dressed him in something like this…(yes this is a picture from the movie KICK A*S)
On a more serious note, if you haven’t noticed already, my focus has been on Killer Men. If I had to chose a dead gorgeous man for 2010, as opposed to a man who’d want me dead, it would have to be Beckham has constantly been in the eyes of all Fashionista's. From the moment he got a haircut to match Victoria Beckham's, to the risque photo shoot by W Magazine -- David Beckham has been stopped, spotted and quizzed about what he's wearing on many a red carpet and photographed not only for his impeccable style but also for the comfort and confidence in which he wears all of his clothes.
Kill me now….

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Trends

When it’s summer, I love the thought of winter. Then Winter rolls around and I can’t wait till summer is back. There are three good things about winter in Hong Kong, Hot Pot dinner parties, cuddling up to watch movies, and winter shopping! Here are some dominant trends to keep in mind while shopping during this chilly turn to our usual hot humid temperature…

. I love sweaters, they're soft, they're cuddly, easy to wear. Great for wearing over dresses, jeans, skirts. As much as people say turtle necks are the devil, turtle necks have been dominant as a winter trend this 2010/11. Your can wear them under your blazer/coat, or wear a long necklace over it, or even pair with some featured large earrings and skinny pants. Sophistication provided by turtleneck.
ZARA’s Turtleneck Sweater with Faux-Suede Elbow Patches.
Thin, high boots. Love them. They catch your eye, they keep you warm. I don’t know how you could go wrong by pairing boots of different lengths, furs, trims, and color, to your outfit, that would look bad. 
I even gave last season's Autumn/Fall furry boots a whirl, as recommended and projected by the September issue of Vogue (see my previous blog post reviewing the last September Issue of Vogue), and they still looked great.
I LIKE: Roberto Cavalli’s Thigh High Lace & Leather boots pair with a pair of shorts and white blouse and long trench coat with a high collar.
Scarves & Shawls
. I am the queen of scarves. I can wear them at work, I can wear them on a night out, I can wear them anywhere and they keep me warm. They could be long and cotton, soft and silky, pashmina’s and cashmeres, bright in color or muted and minimal-- They are all great.

I LIKE: No, I LOVE Kanchan Couture’s Bear Hug Shawl, with just about anything I wear.
After buying all those things, can you believe I still want a pair of gloves? Happy New Year Everyone!

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