Friday, May 29, 2009

And Inspiration struck…

In the last few weeks it feels more than ever before life has inundated me with a rush of new people, lots of fun events and creativity creativity creativity…. With Hong Kong Art fair passing us by it got me thinking about What “art” is? and what it really means to be an “artist”?

As Andy Warhol said - "An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have but that he or she – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

A few weeks ago some friends of mine who own and run an art gallery ( on Graham street were having the vernissage of a new exhibition and had brought the artist down from Germany. I was lucky enough to cross paths with him a few times while he was in Hong Kong. Being the curious cat that I am, wasting no time I launched into asking his opinion on art, fashion, music the likes.

The artist

Hendoc, born as Hendrik Docken in West-Berlin, moved to the forests near Frankfurt in 1968. He works with wood from trees that have been cut down or that have fallen due to the old age. Hendoc believes that each bark of a tree holds up to 300 years of history that’s why they are so special. Another of his favorite mediums is gold leaf, every year he travels over to Alaska to a gold mine where he washes up this precious metal that is used in his works.

Eager to know his view on artists and designers, I asked him what he thought of Andy Warhol’s work, Damien Hirst’s work and my personal superstar Karl Lagerfeld’s work. He had great respect for Warhol and his background, seemed blurry on Hirst’s work but thought Lagerfeld was a genius.

…Business Art

….Art Business

…Fashion Art

…Fashion Business

"Business Art is a step that comes after art" , we got talking about how business and art work together. There always seems to be a clash in the industry between the creative side and the business mind. To a certain degree it is true that the artist always wants to create without any restrictions. But then again business in itself is an art?

It seems to me that as artists / designers mature they first find themselves in their art, creating a style and learning what works for them. Once this process is on its way they then organically find a way to turn it into a game, which not only brings them joy in creating, but also a decent income. Everybody needs to make an income to live but I find that most artists’ motivation is to create for the sake of creativity….

It is always a pleasure meeting inspirational minds, their love for life shows in their eyes and runs through their veins. The energy they give out makes you want to create create create….

Toward the end of our conversation we contemplated the art of life itself….which too has been carefully scripted and planned before we experience it. Nothing ends up in one’s life unless it perfectly supports us in having the experience we want to have. Nothing is ever random or accidental either….isnt it beautiful to know that each of our paintings are beautifully composed

Long Live Art!