Tuesday, January 26, 2010

....Room to Read

Reading....one of the great pleasures in life. I love to read, leave me in a room of books and I'm out and away from this world, a rich source of learning which everyone should have access to. It is quite sad to hear of how many children in developing nations do not have books to read / get an education.

So determined to help even if it is only a start, Crystal Jam and Kanchan Couture put together an limited Edition charity scarf auction, Crystal jam has blinged up a scarf designed by Kanchan Couture which is on auction Room to Read (a non-profit leader dedicated to promoting and enabling global education).

Be the first to auction on the scarf, come join us for an evening of styling and crystal jamming.

(100 % Silk Hand Screen Printed Scarf) - Starts at 600 HKD please email us for more details :

Thursday 28th January 2010
6:30 to 8:30

Kanchan couture
108 – 110 Wellington Street
4th Floor
Hong Kong

Auction closes 10th February 2010

Crystal Jam – Explore. Discover. Gem.
Discover the world of ‘gemming’ at Crystal Jam – where one can explore the world of using fine crystals and beads limited only to your own imagination. The first in Hong Kong, we offer our customers a wide range of services with crystal gemming and beading. Providing a venue to our customers, we allow them to express and discover their own creativity by personalizing anything imaginable. At Crystal Jam, we also provide manicure and pedicure services and private venue bookings as well. We can also help you gem your next gift item/favor for your next event or company function. Come and discover yourself what ‘gemming’ is all about.

Room To Read
Room to Read is an innovative non-profit leader dedicated to promoting and enabling global education. This is done by establishing libraries and schools, publishing and distributing local language children's books, and providing long-term educational support for girls to pursue and complete their secondary education. For more information, visit our website at www.roomtoread.org.

PLease do help us get the word around and spread some love this Valentine's day.

Thanking you


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mr Penn & Me

Image: Twelve Beauties, Shot by Irving Penn for America Vogue May 1974

Starting the day with a bit of ear candy from Doris Day and eye candy from Irving Penn...what could be better?

My love affair with Mr. Penn started when I was a wee girl dreaming of all the beautiful dresses, stunning women looking so elegant and a world so far away..he is always leaving me inspired to create create create.

"His death is like the Empire State Building being absent from the New York skyline."
-- David Baily

Pick up British Vogue Jan Edition to read on...

A love affair it is


Monday, January 11, 2010

No Goats. No Glory

Fashion and Film, What better combination?

After a long day of shopping all, the best fix is to put your feet up and watch a movie, that too a funny one that will leave you falling off your seats.

Kanchan Couture want to give our shoppers a lovely end to their day of shopping -– upon any purchase at Kanchan Couture ( visit u at our New Studio) you will receive two free movie tickets to “The Men Who Stare at Goats” valid from January 14th onward.

The other night Mr.B and I whisked ourselves off on the mtr to i-square to watch the preview of the movie. Not wanting to bore you with the details on story line because there are websites that can do that much better than I can, but it was defiantly a fun filled two hours. A bit bizarre, but I happened to watch the movie the same day I had a reading with an astrologer / healer and it all seemed to come together making perfect sense. Reading in between the lines….’The Men Who stare at Goats” showed that life is always about what you focus your mind on and really just believing and trusting what comes to you is perfect. Light, entertaining, a must watch in my books especially with the unbeatable cast: George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey.

As the Hollywood Reports says “Bottom Line: A coy spoof on the Army's interest in psychic research only laughs so far.” Good Night and Good Luck!

Come in today and get your tickets


Thursday, January 7, 2010

I HAve crazy...

Yes Yes ok so I am biased....the gallery owners of ufoArtgallery are my best friends so all of us at Kanchan Couture go down and support them when we can. Aside from that it is hard to find many galleries in Hong Kong that put on exhibitions of cool, funky, almost a bit crazy artists that are at affordable prices. Being an entrepreneur whenever I invest in a piece of art the first criteria is that I need to love it and the second is the return on investment.

We've just recently invested in a Stefan Strumbel print to adorn the walls at Kanchan Couture - everyone loves its intense color and energy. In my eyes he is the Andy Warhol of our generation, not only was the price great but am sure the aesthetic value it has brought to my clients, studio and I is unbeatable.....a bonus being the value of it is increasing daily.

Their new exhibition is colorful and crazy....making you feel warm as soon as you walk into the space (perhaps perfect for this cold day).

"I create cartoon characters that would fail a Disney audition. They look too sad, too eager to please, too dumb, too angry or they haven’t aged well. For me these characters represent the imperfect masses." ---Nick Morris and Dave Bowers

Very inspiring...has me ticking as to the direction of my new collection, exciting!!

I HAve crazy
Exhibition 8 - 29 January 2010
Opening 8 January 2010, 6 - 9pm ufoArtgallery G/F 39 Graham Street, Central
Tel +852 2151 3772

....inspiring art......


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We love dressing up in 2010

People often forget that life is about having fun in whatever your doing in the moment…so we wanted to welcome 2010 with a bit of fun dressing up and whirling around the room.

We welcomed the lovely ladies from Sassy to come play dress up at our new studio…a girlie afternoon it was indeed filled with colors and cloths flying all over.

Each lady having a unique body shape and color found something that made her feel good.

Natalie: Her tall, slim figure make her look great in our high-waisted skirts of all colors - blue bringing out the contrast of her eyes.

Maura: Her deep hair and feminine body makes her stand out in black, especially with her great back.

Hester: Her small waist, again perfect for the high waist skirt, beautifully classic and feminine.

"We love Kanchan Couture! We recently stopped by the new studio and had a blast trying on all of Kanch's amazing and colourful designs. What we love most is that even though the 3 of us all have different styles we were all able to find something to fall in love with."
-- The lovely ladies from Sassy Hong Kong

Check out their newly designed website (www.sassyhongkong.com) which now includes their blog, event info and a city guide to HK (the city guide lists all of Sassy’s favourite places to shop, pamper eat and drink!).

Sassy Hong Kong - Fun, Friends And All Things Girly!

Bring it on 2010...