Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fashionably literate

My relationship with books has always been personal. I gave up Polly Pockets, Barbies, the whole playing with toy’s ‘thing’ - a lot earlier than my friends. Why you ask? It was this odd attraction to books. The way they felt. The way they spoke to me. The way I understood word for word – what it was trying to say. I think when I was a young-un’, my favorite book was the Sesame Street Dictionary - don’t judge.

I might not be reading the Sesame Street Dictionary anymore, but my attraction to books stay the same. I always thought - if I had to do a book for the company, this is what it would be like,

My idea for a book
An interactive Coffee table book! With the progress of technology, I would love to develop a book with holographic pages – which had pop up fashion shows. Touch video pages – where a double tap prompts a video of how to make a print. Archived fabric samples. Old photos. An audio / visual re-memory book of Kanchan Couture – of things we would never want to forget…

Here are only a few more of Fashion’s best:

Since 1937, the legendary scarf has traveled the world, been worn on many people and still remains to be a signature accessory in everyone’s closet. From classic to contemporary, this book boasts the many many many designs and prints of the Hermès scarf.
**One of Kanch’s Favorites

Design Freaks – look no further. This book gives you 400 FABULOUS photos and the development of the Fashion Industry, through the eyes of illustrators. Mediums used through the times for Fashion illustration, all the way to computer graphics.

Looking for something a bit closer to home? Haven Books recently launched a book that I would absolutely love!

Featuring jewellers located around Asia - The book reveals the designers’ influences; how they developed a signature style; their design process from an emotion or idea -- to the finished piece. If diamonds are your best friend, this coffee table book will be your next in line! 

My favorite thing about a book: Not the paper. Not the quantity. Not the age. The place it takes you with each word and image- Priceless...

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Where some countries are continuing to experience after shocks from the dreadful events that have taken over Japan, the ripple effects into the Fashion Industry have been sparking hope and asense of unity -- with the will to help Japan as much as possible.

Fashion brand UNIQLO has been rumoured to have donated over $25 million, as well as clothes, directly to the Red Cross. Companies around the world have been trying to use their social mediums in order to promote donations and doing everything they can to help. Fashion icon celebrities have also been joining forces. For example, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry both urged people to donate at their concerts. Not only this, but Lady Gaga designed a bracelet 'We pray for Japan' - and tweeted a purchase link with photo. The bracelet retails for US$5 - all proceeds going to charity.
Prada amongst many, had all closed their doors after the March 11th earthquake and Tsunami - and many businesses have been crippled.

As of March 22nd - Forever 21, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel have all re-opened their doors. In spite of recent events, brands like Issey Miyake are still gearing up to open new stores around Tokyo.

Overall, it is hard to gather whether or not the tsunami has rendered any real damage to the industry, even though couture warehouses and production factories -- were amongst the many to be demolished.

With Tokyo almost back to being a fully functional city again, Japan's Fashion Week originally scheduled for March 21st - 25th has still been officially cancelled. While we all patiently wait and watch the ripple effects of the tsunami, we all pray for Japan and try to do our best to help.

Would like to end with a BIG thank you to all those of you who kindly supported and helped us last weekend at our yard sale.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Spring Wishlist

"My favorite accessory is my iPad in it's nice white's so sexy. Reading novels on the MTR never looked so hot! Pair my iPad with my favorite aubergine drape skirt by Club Monaco -- match made in Heaven... I would LOVE to have a Persian rug. The colors and patterns are so beautiful and bright. I love tapestries and textiles, but the real masterpieces are insanely expensive." Liz Lee

"When Spring comes, I love to wear the maxi dress. A must have is the liberty maxi dress -- I have this amazing vintage Cacharel dress that my mum was wearing in the 60’s … Gotta love it ! Just bought this pair of stunning Jimmy Choo leopard print wedges… will rock them all spring long ! I will never go out without my YSL gold / turquoise maxi ring! ...My biggest dream since I’ve been a one year old girly : A horse , well at the time it was a pony ! but nothing on earth would make me happier … and what is better than riding on a warm spring evening ! If we talk fashion, I would die for a Hermes Alligator Kelly Bag!" Coco Celine

Spring is starting to tease us, one day it's there, and the next -- it isn't. We all know what that means. We have been in hiding, bundled up in sweaters, layers, scarves.. but that hasn't stopped us from making mental wishlists, of all the credit card damage we plan on making!

My Wish List:
I would be silly to NOT want the iPad2! At nearly a third smaller than the last iPad, the iPad2 allows dual side video with FaceTime, it is 15% lighter, faster, comes with a cool and snazzy cover that attaches magnetically! Who shot the Kennedy? I think the iPad would know that too!
Nicole Ritchie's Metal and Leather Strap Bracelet is giving me a reason to wear leather on a daily basis. The contrast of metal on leather, just screams out to me for some reason.
For shoes and accessories this spring, I will have to say that Dolce & Gabbana has stolen my attention. I love the florals, I love the color tones chosen, the polka dots. I love it all...

For the Spring, I also have been loving my pair of Kanch Heart Earrings in Pink. I love the candy colours, and the signature hearts are just lovable...pun intended.
For the final addition to my Sping Wish list, a book. A girlfriend of mine recently read it for a book club and said that she couldn't put the book down. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is about a black woman from poverty named Henrietta Lacks. She dies of cervical cancer in the 1950s but pieces of the tumor that killed her are taken without her knowledge or consent. These cells are used first in one lab, then in hundreds, then thousands, eventually spawning a multi-billion dollar industry and became a foundation of modern science. This is only one great aspect of the book. The other, is how through years of research, the author maps out the life of Henrietta, before she passed away, and we get to learn about the Lacks family and the true life of Henrietta Lacks.
So, for any of you out there who are feeling generous... I'd like any of the above please!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have you heard about Galliano?

We’ve all heard about the antics of Famed EX-Dior designer John Galliano. If you haven’t heard, then read the Huffintgon Post article with video footage leaked by British tabloid Sun Times. But for people who aren’t as familiar with the world of Fashion: Galliano’s impact to the runways, and in affect – Dior, has been phenomenal. An end of an era keeps everyone in the fashion industry alert and eager to see what Dior does next. We explore a quick profile and view some of Dior / Galliano’s best:

Galliano moved to London in the latter 60s. With a Gibraltarian background, he was raised by a Spanish mother and British Plumber; where growing up doing the flamenco was normal, so was dressing clad in immaculate, clean cut clothes.

Galliano attended Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London and blessed the runways for the first time with his graduation show titled, ‘Les Incroyables’ – inspired by the 1789 French Revolution. The Entire Collection was bought by a London Boutique, from which Diana Ross – owns one of the first pieces.

From Day one, to the days he took over the creative throne at Dior in 1996, till his recent demise: Galliano has given Dior over £900million in annual sales, and an endless amount of glamour.

Here are a few of his more recent pieces from the last few years...

Autumn Winter 2010/11 Haute Couture

Spring Summer 2010/11

Fall Winter 2009

Spring Summer 2007

On the 2nd Mar, Galliano released a Statement through his lawyers. Dior has stated on the 9th of March that they plan on keeping Galliano’s designs and where they are disappointed and don't want to be affiliated with what has happened in the last weeks past, they continue sans Galliano– while we all wait and watch the verdict of Galliano, we hope to see more wondrous works from him...

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Quick Glimpse: Milan Fashion Week 2011 Begins...

Milan Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2011 saw a lot of old looks with modern materials, a lot of prints, and edgier more younger apparels. Oh Milano, sogno di essere li!

Gucci opened Milan Fashion Week with a collection using bold / jewel colours, provocative leg baring - sheer evening gowns, and exotic jackets made from Fox Fur - dyed in shades of purple, emerald, turquoise, orange and one of Kanchan Couture’s favorites -- fuchsia. Designed by Frida Giannini, the collection’s inspiration was driven by marrying the silhouettes from the 1940s and 1970s. In addition to the extravagant collection – Gucci also announced their collaboration where they designed a Car with Fiat.

Dolce & Gabbana plays with gender combination at Milan FW by blending the sexy woman silhouettes with the straight, sleek man. Prints seem to be a recurring favorite, as designers D&G show off their denim pants with a lace print. The duality of the masculine and feminine was a successful outreach to the younger generation as the sixty-four models were divided into ‘tomboys’ and ‘temptresses’. In this story of boy-meets-girl, the love is portrayed by the man-hours and intricate attention to detail on the clothes.

Roberto Cavalli celebrated his 41st year in Fashion at Milan FW as he paraded his models clad in armor-esque metal bodices, under slightly darker, more transparent animal prints like the ‘kissing leopards’. Hand-crafted ornaments, cheetah print chiffon jeans, accessorized with tribal neck pieces and spike heels. The looks echoed Cavalli’s past, but with the metal-warrior like materials and prints, Cavalli managed to give new notes to a look he makes very much his own.

Bottega Veneta, inspired by Michelangelo Antonioni's 1964 classic, Red Desert, and the curvaceous figure of actress, Monica Vitti – Designer Thomas Maier blessed the runway with figure hugging, sexier pieces. Bust hugging knit sweaters and flared skirts, shift dresses in batik prints or corset-style looks were just a preview to the cloud like red carpet dresses which stole the show.

With just a quick glimpse into Milano’s Fashion Week, my fever to get to Italy only gets higher. Continuing to keep a keen eye on the remainder of FW…

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