Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fashionably literate

My relationship with books has always been personal. I gave up Polly Pockets, Barbies, the whole playing with toy’s ‘thing’ - a lot earlier than my friends. Why you ask? It was this odd attraction to books. The way they felt. The way they spoke to me. The way I understood word for word – what it was trying to say. I think when I was a young-un’, my favorite book was the Sesame Street Dictionary - don’t judge.

I might not be reading the Sesame Street Dictionary anymore, but my attraction to books stay the same. I always thought - if I had to do a book for the company, this is what it would be like,

My idea for a book
An interactive Coffee table book! With the progress of technology, I would love to develop a book with holographic pages – which had pop up fashion shows. Touch video pages – where a double tap prompts a video of how to make a print. Archived fabric samples. Old photos. An audio / visual re-memory book of Kanchan Couture – of things we would never want to forget…

Here are only a few more of Fashion’s best:

Since 1937, the legendary scarf has traveled the world, been worn on many people and still remains to be a signature accessory in everyone’s closet. From classic to contemporary, this book boasts the many many many designs and prints of the Hermès scarf.
**One of Kanch’s Favorites

Design Freaks – look no further. This book gives you 400 FABULOUS photos and the development of the Fashion Industry, through the eyes of illustrators. Mediums used through the times for Fashion illustration, all the way to computer graphics.

Looking for something a bit closer to home? Haven Books recently launched a book that I would absolutely love!

Featuring jewellers located around Asia - The book reveals the designers’ influences; how they developed a signature style; their design process from an emotion or idea -- to the finished piece. If diamonds are your best friend, this coffee table book will be your next in line! 

My favorite thing about a book: Not the paper. Not the quantity. Not the age. The place it takes you with each word and image- Priceless...

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