Thursday, November 25, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite Things….

Buying Christmas gifts are getting harder and harder each year. Each year, we have relatives, we make more friends, more work acquaintances, but the ideas for Christmas gifts remain the same. This year, I hope a few of my favorite things help you to find Christmas gifts for your friends who made the ‘good list’:

1. BOOKS! I love them. I love the look of them, the stories inside them, the smell of them, the way the paper sounds when you turn a page. I’m addicted! If you know the person well, then the gift of a book is beyond personal – it’s almost like you’re giving a piece of yourself. You’re saying “Hi, I’m your friend, and I love you. This is a book I saw and thought of you immediately.” --- Okay so maybe not those exact words, but that is how personal a book can be. Something that’s on my wish list this Christmas is Jay-z’s artistic manifesto titled Decoded.

2. If Diamonds are a girls best friend, then gentlemen, so is any type of jewelry! Girls love it, I’ve had a few of the JOHN HARDY pieces wink at me from the window a few times this year and I think I’m hinting at my boyfriend to buy me a pair of Sterling Silver, Black Sapphire Stud Earrings

3. Pampering products have always won the hearts of many. Massage oils, body washes, exotic treatments, balms, anything that makes her feel beautiful. One particular brand of bath and body products that I’ve always loved, is by an Australian company called Inessence. Their products stole my heart from when I was living in Melbourne. From The Body Allure Gift Box, the shower gel smells and feels super refreshing with tones of peppermint. The hand cream is one of the softest I’ve ever felt and smells like a garden of lavender, and do not get me started about the ultrarich body balm. This balm, straight after a shower, just a little bit in your hand, completely moisturizes your whole body and leaves a lovely fresh scent of mimosa flowers. A few of their products are sold in Hong Kong, but if you can grab a hold of their gift packs, they have never ceased to amaze and make people feel that little bit more special during the Christmas time.

4. If you're looking for stocking fillers or for something slightly more avant garde and risque in the Christmas Cards arena -- I have loved postcards by Janes Nation. I love the satirical imagery of love and happiness illustrated by the hand drawn art. A pack of five post cards comes for HKD$90. Contact to buy your non-traditional works of art in the form of postcards.

5. And last but certainly not the least, Kanchan Couture brought out this year a series of Christmas Hearts Gift Sets. Sorry guys, nothing for you this year, only women’s products in this one. What’s Inside? A Heart Tee, a pair of earrings, and an all natural hand-made scented soap. Perfect for me, perfect for her, perfect for Christmas!

Dear Santa, This year I want for Christmas... :)

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Make it from the Heart!

The common topic of conversation between everyone right now is. Christmas. Where are you going for Christmas? Are you going anywhere for the holidays? What do you want for Christmas? With all the bazaars, shopping fairs, and sales, everyone seems to be confusing me. Do I buy my cousins bath products, or do I buy them a book? Do I buy them a giant photograph of me and them? Or do I get their name in Chinese calligraphy…again? The hunt for a unique Christmas getaway, and a personal gift for family and friends always seems tough. But I guess that is why this month, I’m excited about our newest collaboration, which will give me an opportunity to design, customize my own shirt, and have a unique way to spend time with my girlfriends before we all runaway and frolic in different directions!

If you are looking for an opportunity to channel your inner designer diva, and if you would you like to create a special gift for a loved one with your own hands -- then this series of events are definitely for me! Wait.. I mean YOU! Okay… ALL OF US!

Kanchan Couture joined hands with RAW Workshop for a unique creative experience. We couture-made a series of three creative nights for a chance to MAKE YOUR OWN TEE. What a perfect Christmas present for your best friend, sister or mom! (In my case, FOR ME!)

What do you get?
- A Kanch by Kanchan Couture Signature Heart Tee (have the opportunity to pre-select out of 8 designs) 
- A chance to customize and use your creative fashion flair (beginners don’t fear, the guidance and assistance of Fashion Guru Kanch and other artists will be near!)

- A fun way to spend time with your girlfriends

- Bubbly, Bubbles, Champers, and any other word you can think of that reminds you of Champagne.

Customization Options

- Iron-on bling spell out initials, shapes etc

- Fabric paint onto the Tees with pre-made stencils

- Cut and Tie bows/ribbons, sew on buttons or bits of fabrics
- Make and attach a Fabric Flower 
- Hand write a message on a label to replace the tag

Bring your girlfriends’, Buy a Heart, Spread the Love this Christmas.

25th November | 1st December | 9th December, 
6 – 9.00pm, 
Reservations Required

Enquiries for Bookings and Reservations: 

Raw Workshop Address

12th floor unit 1203 Island Beverley, 

1 Great George St., 
Causeway Bay,

Hong Kong 
(across Sogo Department Store) 

tel. 2811 1845
*10% of all ticket price goes to Charity

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buy a Heart...Pre-Order Special

Kanch by Kanchan Couture launches a new signature collection of t-shirts by popular demand. This new collection of romantical heart tees will soon launch in four different colors, and two styles - one style with our signature prints and the other with a Kanch heart.

"For me the tee signifies being in love with life - we often go along our daily lives and forget to stop and smell the roses so the tee is a sweet little reminder"
-- Kanch, Designer

Spread the love and buy your Heart-Tee NOW, (with print, or without print -- both available) at a Pre-Order price of only $250.

Save $50 off of the orignal price of $300
Pre-Order cut off date: Friday the 19th November

Please place your order NOW: or call 2117 1782
(Email or Call with Style Name)

Blue-Heart Tee with Print
Blue Heart Tee, Plain
Black Heart Tee with Print

Black Heart Tee, plain
Grey Heart Tee with Print

Grey Heart Tee, Plain
Red Heart Tee with Print KT/05_07
Red Heart Tee, plain

Notes: All T-Shirts are 100% Cotton
Width: 46cm Height: 62cm
Chest: 44cm Sleeve: 12cm
Collar -> Back of Neck: 12cm

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Style Me

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s Fashion Fusion capitals. With a population melting pot of different people, styles and clothes -- fashions are heightened, as the competition to look fashion forward is always high. I have been cat-sitting for my friends on Discovery Bay this week, and the walk from the ferry pier to work has been quite a good change, (as opposed to my regular bus which drops me off right in front of work.) During this walk, I notice other women, and what they wear to work. Some sport the generic work attire, but some women wear their clothes in trend, with easy add-on / take-off accessories, so that they can head out on a night in the town after work.

While working at Kanchan Couture, I have noticed a recurring question that is asked all the time. “How would I wear this on a night out?” or “I’m not sure how to wear this, how would I style it?” As an answer to the many women who are looking for advice we began catering styling sessions. Now I know I hinted at a few of our newer services last week, but with recent business developments -- we have decided to offer our private styling parties via experience companies (fantastic new concepts companies. Why gift something material, when you can give someone a hot air balloon ride experience as a gift!) – towards the ends of this year and early 2011, keep your eyes open for more information in later blogs.

These Styling Sessions are all about having fun, and we always end up making new friends at the end of each session. What I’ve been enjoying is meeting all the different types of women, and learning and evolving my own sense of style with each session.

As a special preview into our private styling sessions, Kanchan Couture and Tiare Boutique join hands and host a special SUPER STYLING SESSION next Thursday the 18th of November, 2010. Tiare, one of our newest retail friends, have started to carry and sell Kanchan Couture accessories. Meet Kanch, meet me, and test our savvy to style and experience just a little bit of styling fun with us.

RSVP to to attend our Super Styling Session Thursday, 18 November 2010.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Parties 101

I love parties, hate party planning. It’s hard to come up with fun unique ideas to celebrate the birth of a friend, family, colleague, anyone really. This year I was given the daunting task of organizing Kanch’s Birthday Bash.

Step one : Location, Location, Location. Hong Kong is such a regurgitating city, the turnover is high for businesses that fight high property rents, which makes us sad to see beloved venues close their doors. On the upside – there is always somewhere new to go to. So I took Kanch on a location hunt. Almost everywhere I took her, she loved. Job – not made any easier. Her one requirement was to have an out door area where her friends could mingle in the breeze.

Dharma Den is amongst one of the many places we visited. A fairly new resident to the Central / Soho bar scene – one of the only Tibetan themed bars in Hong Kong, this bar has an amazing outdoor lounge space. So here we set the backdrop of Kanch’s birthday (event happenings and gossip to be disclosed in my next blog!)

While we were brainstorming for ideas for the party, theme etc – Kanch and I came up with a fun concept, which we have started testing and have had lots of positive responses. Recently we organized a birthday party for a group of ladies, a great gift from her husband. Mrs. X (name protected for privacy reasons) came early on a Saturday morning with 4 of her near and dear. After a brief introduction we entertained, played interactive styling activities and boozed these ladies up with Champagne and delicious fresh strawberries. Mrs. X had a splendid, intimate time with her girlfriends, in a great environment.

A few weeks ago we did a similar session for a group of young girls whose mom wanted something fun, while also being educational for the young ladies -- so we picked the topic – “how to be a fashion designer”. Each of the girls left with a goodie bag and a smile on her face.

So, if you're lost for ideas for your friends next birthday, then contact us and we’ll help you solve that problem.

As for me now, I have a few hours to go before Kanch’s BARBIE vs BOND birthday bash and the nerves are running high….

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