Tuesday, December 21, 2010


People make resolutions all the time. But how many people really keep them? In essence, do people make resolutions to break them? Or do we make unrealistic resolutions , so that we unintentionally break them? Either way, I went ahead and asked everyone what their new year’s resolutions were!

To be funnier, laugh a lot more and learn better mind control. At work, I’d like to have a lot more FUN and make money along the way!

To stay more in shape, go to the gym, try and be healthier!

Make a resolution for next year!

Stop using Facebook for a month.

Play my piano more.

Buy a Motorbike.

Alex: Give up Smoking.

I've never beleived in resolutions and decided that this year I should try to make one. You know .. just to keep things interesting -- this is what I did:

Step 1
Get a Pen and Paper

Step 2
Re-assess the last 365 days of the year, which lead me to sit in front of this pen and paper

Step 3
Get Angry -- Get Sad -- Get Happy -- Go Mad, thinking of a non-generic resolution that is realistic!

Step 4
Scrunch up piece of paper and throw it away in the bin. Look at cartoon regarding New years and get distracted...

Help me make my resolution, email annie@kanchancouture.com and tell me, what is your New Year's Resolution?

**images from: http://www.chalkerspub.com/images/productImages/Event_720.jpg, http://www.stus.com/images/products/cla206e.gif

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Couture Christmas with Kanch

So it’s settled, I’m terrible at taking photos. Something happens in between having fun and thinking about work, which makes me forget to pull out the camera for Kodak Moments. Kanchan Couture hosted its Christmas Party, Wednesday 15th of December and it was well deserved!

Between moving offices, running around Shanghai - Europe, Launching various e-commerce websites, amazing collaborations, battling through torrential storms, war zone office situations, champagne baths and Barbie infestations --- this year has been busy!

Some of Kanchan Couture’s nearest, dearest, newest and oldest friends came and shared a few drinks with us before we close for the holiday period. Thank you to everyone who made it, we really appreciated all the supported and absolutely loved spending time with you.

As for next year... I've decided to hire a few standing Male Model Santa's -- I'll definitely take lots of photos!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LVMH vs. Copycats, May the Fight Begin!

When your friends come to Hong Kong for vacation, what do they like to do? 1. Party, 2. Eat, 3. Shop? No! It’s 1. SHOP, and everything else is a bonus. Famed luxury brand, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) recently filed a U.S. trade complaint looking to block imported goods from China, more particularly the handbags and accessories that copy the ‘look’ of LVMH.
"Wow" was my first reaction after reading the article by Bloomberg, and then I started thinking about the repercussions to this type of trade ban. One of the repercussions I thought of were the entities that we know such as Mongkok’s Ladies Market and other similar markets in Hong Kong. These markets would have a sudden influx and overflow of look-a-like and knock off handbags, which would then be worth a lot more. Still not as expensive, but would be more affordable for people who want the designer look handbags. Just because there is a ban, doesn’t deplete the demand for the product.

Kanch and I were discussing this article further and couldn’t figure out why LVMH would want to put this trade ban forward, because essentially they are the creators of their own black-markets. Let me explain a bit more, if you have to think about what happens to products once the factory makes them; if there is a bend, lose thread, or any sort of defect, they don't just throw them away -- we assume these are the same goods, which is sold to Japanese, Korean distributors who re-sell the goods to Hong Kong – China and other markets where look-a-like / knock off bags are high in demand.

LVMH would not be a standalone in this type of procedure, almost all luxury brands would have to practice the similar. If this was true, it would be interesting to see the reaction of other luxury brands (in regards to this trade ban), because the ripple effect of many well-known brands and companies is vast -- as almost all luxury brand owners operate as major conglomerates in the industry. For now, all we can do is sit back and watch the show to see who backs up LVMH and what the U.S. government intends to do.

For those of you who are not in the Fashion Industry, or are constantly learning about the working ways of the luxury industry here is the 411 on who owns what:

Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Emilio Pucci, TAG Heuer, De Beers, Christian Dior perfumes, Céline, Benefit, Acqua di Parma, Guerlain, Make Up For Ever, **catching a breath** PLUS they own Sephora, Le Bon Marché, recently they gained stocks in Hermes and Edun – all of this is not including all the wine, champagne and liquor companies that LVMH also owns.

PPR owns the Gucci Group whom in turn owns Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Sergio Rossi, and Boucheron. PPR also owns Puma, who consequently also owns Tretorn. – On another note, they also own FNAC and Conforama, Media and Grocery Store Franchises in France…**starting to get hungry, wish I ate a more hearty lunch**

Richemont Group
Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Lancel, Montblanc, Chloé, Shanghai Tang, Azzedine Alaia, and from their most recent and most notorious dot com business: Net A Porter, which sells many brands owned by other conglomerates, but gives Richemont Group control on what to sell and how.

Other Conglomerates include, Prada Group, Diesel, TODS, The Affe Group, Puig Group, Phillips-Van Heusen, and others. CLICK HERE to read more from a fellow blogger who wrote a great, easy to understand entry, stating valuable information regarding the who’s-who of luxury branding.

Now... Who wants to go Shopping with me?

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

160 Years of Lane Crawford

I remember going to Lane Crawford as a child and always being mesmerized by everything behind the glass. I wanted to touch everything -- fine I was a child -- but the idea was definitely instilled, this is where you come to buy "the good stuff".

Last night Kanch and I (plus another 4500 rsvp'd guests!) attended the 160th Anniversary of Lane Crawford. All stops were pulled out for a chance to party it up in the heart of Lane Crawford at IFC, Hong Kong.

Cotton Candy, Ice-cream, Barbecue, live band, FLASH MOB DANCE! This was definitely the most fun-filled, brand encompassed playground I had ever seen! Guests could play games such as snooker, ping pong, air hockey -- all for a chance to win a goody bag, which entitled you to a product from the store! True story: I witnessed a guy get a Theory Leather Jacket!

Regrets from last night:
  • There was too many people to take out the camera from my bag, so I have low-res images taken by my Blackberry.
  • I didn't elbow shove anyone and try the lamb chops at the barbecue or the pizza in the cafe
  • I didn't take a picture with the Lady GaGa models that were walking around the shop
  • I didn't know the dance the Flash Mob did and I wanted to join in badly!
Happy Anniversary Lane Crawford, thank you for the champagne, the topless male Santa's, and another wonderful party.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite Things….

Buying Christmas gifts are getting harder and harder each year. Each year, we have relatives, we make more friends, more work acquaintances, but the ideas for Christmas gifts remain the same. This year, I hope a few of my favorite things help you to find Christmas gifts for your friends who made the ‘good list’:

1. BOOKS! I love them. I love the look of them, the stories inside them, the smell of them, the way the paper sounds when you turn a page. I’m addicted! If you know the person well, then the gift of a book is beyond personal – it’s almost like you’re giving a piece of yourself. You’re saying “Hi, I’m your friend, and I love you. This is a book I saw and thought of you immediately.” --- Okay so maybe not those exact words, but that is how personal a book can be. Something that’s on my wish list this Christmas is Jay-z’s artistic manifesto titled Decoded.

2. If Diamonds are a girls best friend, then gentlemen, so is any type of jewelry! Girls love it, I’ve had a few of the JOHN HARDY pieces wink at me from the window a few times this year and I think I’m hinting at my boyfriend to buy me a pair of Sterling Silver, Black Sapphire Stud Earrings

3. Pampering products have always won the hearts of many. Massage oils, body washes, exotic treatments, balms, anything that makes her feel beautiful. One particular brand of bath and body products that I’ve always loved, is by an Australian company called Inessence. Their products stole my heart from when I was living in Melbourne. From The Body Allure Gift Box, the shower gel smells and feels super refreshing with tones of peppermint. The hand cream is one of the softest I’ve ever felt and smells like a garden of lavender, and do not get me started about the ultrarich body balm. This balm, straight after a shower, just a little bit in your hand, completely moisturizes your whole body and leaves a lovely fresh scent of mimosa flowers. A few of their products are sold in Hong Kong, but if you can grab a hold of their gift packs, they have never ceased to amaze and make people feel that little bit more special during the Christmas time.

4. If you're looking for stocking fillers or for something slightly more avant garde and risque in the Christmas Cards arena -- I have loved postcards by Janes Nation. I love the satirical imagery of love and happiness illustrated by the hand drawn art. A pack of five post cards comes for HKD$90. Contact info@uforepublic.com to buy your non-traditional works of art in the form of postcards.

5. And last but certainly not the least, Kanchan Couture brought out this year a series of Christmas Hearts Gift Sets. Sorry guys, nothing for you this year, only women’s products in this one. What’s Inside? A Heart Tee, a pair of earrings, and an all natural hand-made scented soap. Perfect for me, perfect for her, perfect for Christmas!

Dear Santa, This year I want for Christmas... :)

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Make it from the Heart!

The common topic of conversation between everyone right now is. Christmas. Where are you going for Christmas? Are you going anywhere for the holidays? What do you want for Christmas? With all the bazaars, shopping fairs, and sales, everyone seems to be confusing me. Do I buy my cousins bath products, or do I buy them a book? Do I buy them a giant photograph of me and them? Or do I get their name in Chinese calligraphy…again? The hunt for a unique Christmas getaway, and a personal gift for family and friends always seems tough. But I guess that is why this month, I’m excited about our newest collaboration, which will give me an opportunity to design, customize my own shirt, and have a unique way to spend time with my girlfriends before we all runaway and frolic in different directions!

If you are looking for an opportunity to channel your inner designer diva, and if you would you like to create a special gift for a loved one with your own hands -- then this series of events are definitely for me! Wait.. I mean YOU! Okay… ALL OF US!

Kanchan Couture joined hands with RAW Workshop for a unique creative experience. We couture-made a series of three creative nights for a chance to MAKE YOUR OWN TEE. What a perfect Christmas present for your best friend, sister or mom! (In my case, FOR ME!)

What do you get?
- A Kanch by Kanchan Couture Signature Heart Tee (have the opportunity to pre-select out of 8 designs) 
- A chance to customize and use your creative fashion flair (beginners don’t fear, the guidance and assistance of Fashion Guru Kanch and other artists will be near!)

- A fun way to spend time with your girlfriends

- Bubbly, Bubbles, Champers, and any other word you can think of that reminds you of Champagne.

Customization Options

- Iron-on bling bling...to spell out initials, shapes etc

- Fabric paint onto the Tees with pre-made stencils

- Cut and Tie bows/ribbons, sew on buttons or bits of fabrics
- Make and attach a Fabric Flower 
- Hand write a message on a label to replace the tag

Bring your girlfriends’, Buy a Heart, Spread the Love this Christmas.

25th November | 1st December | 9th December, 
6 – 9.00pm, 
Reservations Required

Enquiries for Bookings and Reservations: 

Raw Workshop Address

12th floor unit 1203 Island Beverley, 

1 Great George St., 
Causeway Bay,

Hong Kong 
(across Sogo Department Store) 

tel. 2811 1845
*10% of all ticket price goes to Charity

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buy a Heart...Pre-Order Special

Kanch by Kanchan Couture launches a new signature collection of t-shirts by popular demand. This new collection of romantical heart tees will soon launch in four different colors, and two styles - one style with our signature prints and the other with a Kanch heart.

"For me the tee signifies being in love with life - we often go along our daily lives and forget to stop and smell the roses so the tee is a sweet little reminder"
-- Kanch, Designer

Spread the love and buy your Heart-Tee NOW, (with print, or without print -- both available) at a Pre-Order price of only $250.

Save $50 off of the orignal price of $300
Pre-Order cut off date: Friday the 19th November

Please place your order NOW: info@kanchancouture.com or call 2117 1782
(Email or Call with Style Name)

Blue-Heart Tee with Print
Blue Heart Tee, Plain
Black Heart Tee with Print

Black Heart Tee, plain
Grey Heart Tee with Print

Grey Heart Tee, Plain
Red Heart Tee with Print KT/05_07
Red Heart Tee, plain

Notes: All T-Shirts are 100% Cotton
Width: 46cm Height: 62cm
Chest: 44cm Sleeve: 12cm
Collar -> Back of Neck: 12cm

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Style Me

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s Fashion Fusion capitals. With a population melting pot of different people, styles and clothes -- fashions are heightened, as the competition to look fashion forward is always high. I have been cat-sitting for my friends on Discovery Bay this week, and the walk from the ferry pier to work has been quite a good change, (as opposed to my regular bus which drops me off right in front of work.) During this walk, I notice other women, and what they wear to work. Some sport the generic work attire, but some women wear their clothes in trend, with easy add-on / take-off accessories, so that they can head out on a night in the town after work.

While working at Kanchan Couture, I have noticed a recurring question that is asked all the time. “How would I wear this on a night out?” or “I’m not sure how to wear this, how would I style it?” As an answer to the many women who are looking for advice we began catering styling sessions. Now I know I hinted at a few of our newer services last week, but with recent business developments -- we have decided to offer our private styling parties via experience companies (fantastic new concepts companies. Why gift something material, when you can give someone a hot air balloon ride experience as a gift!) – towards the ends of this year and early 2011, keep your eyes open for more information in later blogs.

These Styling Sessions are all about having fun, and we always end up making new friends at the end of each session. What I’ve been enjoying is meeting all the different types of women, and learning and evolving my own sense of style with each session.

As a special preview into our private styling sessions, Kanchan Couture and Tiare Boutique join hands and host a special SUPER STYLING SESSION next Thursday the 18th of November, 2010. Tiare, one of our newest retail friends, have started to carry and sell Kanchan Couture accessories. Meet Kanch, meet me, and test our savvy to style and experience just a little bit of styling fun with us.

RSVP to annie@kanchancouture.com to attend our Super Styling Session Thursday, 18 November 2010.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Parties 101

I love parties, hate party planning. It’s hard to come up with fun unique ideas to celebrate the birth of a friend, family, colleague, anyone really. This year I was given the daunting task of organizing Kanch’s Birthday Bash.

Step one : Location, Location, Location. Hong Kong is such a regurgitating city, the turnover is high for businesses that fight high property rents, which makes us sad to see beloved venues close their doors. On the upside – there is always somewhere new to go to. So I took Kanch on a location hunt. Almost everywhere I took her, she loved. Job – not made any easier. Her one requirement was to have an out door area where her friends could mingle in the breeze.

Dharma Den is amongst one of the many places we visited. A fairly new resident to the Central / Soho bar scene – one of the only Tibetan themed bars in Hong Kong, this bar has an amazing outdoor lounge space. So here we set the backdrop of Kanch’s birthday (event happenings and gossip to be disclosed in my next blog!)

While we were brainstorming for ideas for the party, theme etc – Kanch and I came up with a fun concept, which we have started testing and have had lots of positive responses. Recently we organized a birthday party for a group of ladies, a great gift from her husband. Mrs. X (name protected for privacy reasons) came early on a Saturday morning with 4 of her near and dear. After a brief introduction we entertained, played interactive styling activities and boozed these ladies up with Champagne and delicious fresh strawberries. Mrs. X had a splendid, intimate time with her girlfriends, in a great environment.

A few weeks ago we did a similar session for a group of young girls whose mom wanted something fun, while also being educational for the young ladies -- so we picked the topic – “how to be a fashion designer”. Each of the girls left with a goodie bag and a smile on her face.

So, if you're lost for ideas for your friends next birthday, then contact us and we’ll help you solve that problem.

As for me now, I have a few hours to go before Kanch’s BARBIE vs BOND birthday bash and the nerves are running high….

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Musical Fashion

I’ve been sick all week. Influenza is not fashionable, and most of all, boring! I hate being sick, sitting at home, nothing to do. True story, Kanch said, “you’re useless when you’re sick, go home and get better,” and she sent me home.

On the bus ride home, I turned on my IPOD and started listening to KISS – "Wanna Rock n Roll all Night". I started to think about Fashion’s presence in the music industry, and how it has been iconic, often trendsetting, most definitely inspiring. One of my favorite bands of all time KISS – is imprinted on my mind more because of their loud makeup, studded leather gear, and then their excellent lyrics.

Next Song: Lady Gaga – "Papparazzi". Saying that the world went GAGA for Gaga is an understatement. Her music has been catchy, and her outfits have been daring. She doesn’t confine herself to rules, and was heard to be stopped at an airport for not taking off her beehive keeper resembling ensemble and was escorted to a private room where she was strip-searched. Rebel, or a stubborn fashion statement, the decision is left up to her fans. What I like about Gaga, is that she isn’t afraid to experiment, loud colors, geometrical shapes. My favorite was the origami dress she wore, in black and gold. This is a girl who was definitely heard AND seen.

Next Song: Rihanna – "Only Girl in the World". Rihanna brought bob cuts, non-symmetrical do’s and mo-hawks back. They were hidden away in the dark dungeons of the 80s amongst the punk rockers, and rebel teenagers but Rihanna pulled off fabulous hair and entertained us with chart toppers and continues to bring us amazing music.

Kanch’s favorite musical artist of all time: Frank Sinatra. Timeless, romantic, classic, amazing. None of these words are enough to say how much I love Frankie. Knowing that Kanch loves Frankie too, only makes playing his greatest hits on repeat, while we’re working – one of my first things to do tomorrow morning! His clean-cut crisp suit, dreamy smile, and engaging voice - did you know he could dance too? He left his crooner suave, charming smile, and engaging music, as a legend for men to learn from. If you’re smart, men -- style it, own it, use it. Frankie is always Fashionable.

Music and Fashion unequivocally come hand-in-hand, that is something that is most evident through the history of music. Different genres own certain styles, which we all adapt and personalize. Stuck on ideas for Halloween costumes this year? Try some Musical Fashion.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How we met…

Coming out of Wedding Season in Hong Kong, I had a few firsts at Kanchan Couture by working with brides. Not to sound like a romantic comedy narrator -- but the glow of happiness that each bride carries with them to our office, is infectious. What I like to ask each bride is, how she met her fiancé.

We’ve known each other since High School” - “We fell in love in University” - “We both work in the same Company.

My favorite is the story of how a bride-to-be met the man of her dreams riding the MTR subway train. They took the same MTR every day and saw each other in the same compartment for what must have been around six months, same timing and almost every single day. His pick up line was, “do you know where is central station?” If you’re from Hong Kong, then you know that the MTR has directions and maps aplenty. He just wanted to talk to her after seeing her every day, and their budding romance turned fruitful.

How we meet our brides change all the time, some find us through GOOGLE research, some find us through advertising, some times it's love-at-first sight, and a lot by word of mouth recommendation. We have been blessed to work with some interesting and wonderful women. This month we say goodbye and congratulate Marjorie Yau in her recent wedding, to the Man she met and fell in love with.

From Marjorie:

"Like many other brides-to-be, I did lots of research and bought many wedding magazines, hoping to find the perfect wedding gown. What's better than having your own dress with a unique design which can truely represent you? That was why I knocked on the door of Kanchan Couture! Her multinational background and creativities always bring me some suprise!

It was fun to work with Kanch, I enjoyed the whole process and was very pleased with the results. The dress Kanch designed for me was a perfect match to my personality and make a very good balance between classic & modern! I am sure whenever I look at my wedding photos I will still very much in love with my dress; no matter it's 10 years or 50 years afterwards, it will never go out of style!"

Book Your Complimentary Consultation Today

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Addicted to the Net

Last week and this week, I feel like I’m, Annie Das – Sales & Marketing / IT Expert! I’ve been updating, tweaking, adding, editing, changing, playing, researching, anything and everything to do with websites and web-shopping!

Our favorite webshop is hands down, Net-a-porter (no wonder they were bought for a lumpsum of $$$, they got it right -- meticulous to the T!) What goes into creating a webshop? It’s tedious, a lot of attention to detail, basically making sure the nitties and gritties are dealt with so that everyone can understand what it is you’re trying to sell and what makes your "stuff" different?

I’ve been challenging my creativity, thinking of unique names, lustful descriptions and have been researching the art of making a product appealing, an old school art I have re-named “Sales Meditation”.

Sales Meditation, you look at the product, you feel the product, you close your eyes and think about the product, and then put your brains to the test. So maybe I don’t do this for each item, but whilst typing, I am often caught with my eyes closed thinking – not sleeping, promise! Kanch should be happy that I've taken each product to a religious level of marketing.

Our webshop (site to be disclosed on our newsletter, click here to sign up) is scheduled to launch this Friday, and while I know that our webshop enters us into a league of many other stores, I realized something. For the people who work all the time (a.k.a – me,) online shopping is ideal! I get to shop in the comfort of my own home, they can deliver to my home or office, not to mention – DISCOUNTS! Every website has their perks, where I might have only ever shopped from ebay, and amazon, creating and working on webshops last few weeks has opened my eyes to a whole new world of fashion and how fun it actually is to buy, make and explore online. One stop shop, one click away...

Post note: Something interesting -- It's all about Digital IQ. A few years ago, using Facebook and Twitter for marketing / business purposes might have seemed crazy -- Business of Fashion lists luxury fashion brands with high digital IQ, happy reading! **Image from http://blogs.smarter.com/blogs/guests/online-shopping-cartoon.jpg

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When in Europe...

When in Europe … do the – shopping! Boutiques in Europe have razzle-dazzled us with their unique designers and inspired us with their thirst for creativity. Kanch had a great time in Europe and we look forward to going back next year. As the number of boutiques that stock Kanchan Couture grow, we wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some photos we took of our stockists during our trip:

(No photo taken, shall remember to take one next time!)
OUT Shop

Annie says, ‘I like this store, it’s got quirky pieces, fun t-shirts and some trendy accessories.
My favorite are the Patricia Blanchet shoe collection!’

5 Rue Léon Lepage

1000 Brussels 

+32 (0)2 551 17 67



Annie says, ‘Their funky décor and cool atmosphere stole our attention!”

Village Verve
Mon Amour

Annie says, “This store has a little bit of everything, great for buying gifts!”


Annie says, ‘Kanch, along with other designers had a trunk show at this Asian fusion concept store, and from the photos, it looked like a great mixture of people showed up to check out and appreciate the different designer clothes.
I really wish there was a place like this in Hong Kong!’

With the economy still picking itself up, people are buying less and looking for pieces that are great for everyday wear. I read an article on the Business of Fashion Website, and people have started to notice that even big name brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, are all making wallet friendly pieces. What remains, with the fashion forward – people have made sure to leave room in their closets for fun pieces, which has left many boutiques looking for interesting designers with a fresh look.

Hong Kong needs more boutiques that flaunt designer clothes. Why Europe is ahead in it’s fashion trends, is because they are not afraid to experiment, not afraid of trying new looks – this thirst for fashion is what is missing from Hong Kong. Superbrand shopping, albeit make divine clothes as well, but I’m sick of going to cocktails, birthday parties, any event in general – and spotting someone wearing the same or similar outfit as me but in a different color.

Without sounding like a plug, Kapok is one of the few boutiques in Hong Kong that caters -- designer wear for people wanting fashion forward flair. What Hong Kong needs, more Designer boutiques! How do we get it? Not quite sure yet, but in the mean time my eyes are still going to search for cool trendy boutiques that give me a sense of euro…

Trunk Show Paris

Trunk Show Brussels

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Shanghai is not like Hong Kong. People might not necessarily understand the importance of personal space here, people stare at me like I'm the only Indian person they have ever seen, and riding the METRO...let's just visualize a 'sardine can' and amuse ourselves with the image of an indian girl dead in the middle of it!

What brought me here? We exhibited Kanchan Couture's finest demi-couture and bridal collections at the Shanghai Expo, 2010 - with a foot traffic guestimate of over 400,000 people per day! Since we were here, we decided to meet with boutiques, shopping malls, designers, work on some collaborations and also do some good old fashion market research.

Some of Shanghai's best fashions are found in the nooks and crevices of artsy districts, hidden away inside buildings, or out boasting onto the streets of the French Concession, Xin Tian Di, Nanjing, Peoples Square, Pudong..the places are limited and endless at the same time...Go to Shanghai, you'll know what i mean!

Coming to Shanghai for work has been a great learning experience. I know a few things didn't go the way that we had planned, but the people I've met and the sights I've seen along the way, will continue to bring me back to Shanghai...

Favorite Restuarant: Nanxiang- Shanghai Dumpling Restuarant, Crystal Jade has some competition!
Favorite Area to Hangout: Xin Tian Di
Favorite Shopping Centre: Raffles City
Favorite Street-wear: The Source
Fun local brand of clothes that I wish was in Hong Kong: ONLY
Morning Ritual: Coffee Bean!

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