Thursday, October 28, 2010

Musical Fashion

I’ve been sick all week. Influenza is not fashionable, and most of all, boring! I hate being sick, sitting at home, nothing to do. True story, Kanch said, “you’re useless when you’re sick, go home and get better,” and she sent me home.

On the bus ride home, I turned on my IPOD and started listening to KISS – "Wanna Rock n Roll all Night". I started to think about Fashion’s presence in the music industry, and how it has been iconic, often trendsetting, most definitely inspiring. One of my favorite bands of all time KISS – is imprinted on my mind more because of their loud makeup, studded leather gear, and then their excellent lyrics.

Next Song: Lady Gaga – "Papparazzi". Saying that the world went GAGA for Gaga is an understatement. Her music has been catchy, and her outfits have been daring. She doesn’t confine herself to rules, and was heard to be stopped at an airport for not taking off her beehive keeper resembling ensemble and was escorted to a private room where she was strip-searched. Rebel, or a stubborn fashion statement, the decision is left up to her fans. What I like about Gaga, is that she isn’t afraid to experiment, loud colors, geometrical shapes. My favorite was the origami dress she wore, in black and gold. This is a girl who was definitely heard AND seen.

Next Song: Rihanna – "Only Girl in the World". Rihanna brought bob cuts, non-symmetrical do’s and mo-hawks back. They were hidden away in the dark dungeons of the 80s amongst the punk rockers, and rebel teenagers but Rihanna pulled off fabulous hair and entertained us with chart toppers and continues to bring us amazing music.

Kanch’s favorite musical artist of all time: Frank Sinatra. Timeless, romantic, classic, amazing. None of these words are enough to say how much I love Frankie. Knowing that Kanch loves Frankie too, only makes playing his greatest hits on repeat, while we’re working – one of my first things to do tomorrow morning! His clean-cut crisp suit, dreamy smile, and engaging voice - did you know he could dance too? He left his crooner suave, charming smile, and engaging music, as a legend for men to learn from. If you’re smart, men -- style it, own it, use it. Frankie is always Fashionable.

Music and Fashion unequivocally come hand-in-hand, that is something that is most evident through the history of music. Different genres own certain styles, which we all adapt and personalize. Stuck on ideas for Halloween costumes this year? Try some Musical Fashion.

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