Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How we met…

Coming out of Wedding Season in Hong Kong, I had a few firsts at Kanchan Couture by working with brides. Not to sound like a romantic comedy narrator -- but the glow of happiness that each bride carries with them to our office, is infectious. What I like to ask each bride is, how she met her fiancé.

We’ve known each other since High School” - “We fell in love in University” - “We both work in the same Company.

My favorite is the story of how a bride-to-be met the man of her dreams riding the MTR subway train. They took the same MTR every day and saw each other in the same compartment for what must have been around six months, same timing and almost every single day. His pick up line was, “do you know where is central station?” If you’re from Hong Kong, then you know that the MTR has directions and maps aplenty. He just wanted to talk to her after seeing her every day, and their budding romance turned fruitful.

How we meet our brides change all the time, some find us through GOOGLE research, some find us through advertising, some times it's love-at-first sight, and a lot by word of mouth recommendation. We have been blessed to work with some interesting and wonderful women. This month we say goodbye and congratulate Marjorie Yau in her recent wedding, to the Man she met and fell in love with.

From Marjorie:

"Like many other brides-to-be, I did lots of research and bought many wedding magazines, hoping to find the perfect wedding gown. What's better than having your own dress with a unique design which can truely represent you? That was why I knocked on the door of Kanchan Couture! Her multinational background and creativities always bring me some suprise!

It was fun to work with Kanch, I enjoyed the whole process and was very pleased with the results. The dress Kanch designed for me was a perfect match to my personality and make a very good balance between classic & modern! I am sure whenever I look at my wedding photos I will still very much in love with my dress; no matter it's 10 years or 50 years afterwards, it will never go out of style!"

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