Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Addicted to the Net

Last week and this week, I feel like I’m, Annie Das – Sales & Marketing / IT Expert! I’ve been updating, tweaking, adding, editing, changing, playing, researching, anything and everything to do with websites and web-shopping!

Our favorite webshop is hands down, Net-a-porter (no wonder they were bought for a lumpsum of $$$, they got it right -- meticulous to the T!) What goes into creating a webshop? It’s tedious, a lot of attention to detail, basically making sure the nitties and gritties are dealt with so that everyone can understand what it is you’re trying to sell and what makes your "stuff" different?

I’ve been challenging my creativity, thinking of unique names, lustful descriptions and have been researching the art of making a product appealing, an old school art I have re-named “Sales Meditation”.

Sales Meditation, you look at the product, you feel the product, you close your eyes and think about the product, and then put your brains to the test. So maybe I don’t do this for each item, but whilst typing, I am often caught with my eyes closed thinking – not sleeping, promise! Kanch should be happy that I've taken each product to a religious level of marketing.

Our webshop (site to be disclosed on our newsletter, click here to sign up) is scheduled to launch this Friday, and while I know that our webshop enters us into a league of many other stores, I realized something. For the people who work all the time (a.k.a – me,) online shopping is ideal! I get to shop in the comfort of my own home, they can deliver to my home or office, not to mention – DISCOUNTS! Every website has their perks, where I might have only ever shopped from ebay, and amazon, creating and working on webshops last few weeks has opened my eyes to a whole new world of fashion and how fun it actually is to buy, make and explore online. One stop shop, one click away...

Post note: Something interesting -- It's all about Digital IQ. A few years ago, using Facebook and Twitter for marketing / business purposes might have seemed crazy -- Business of Fashion lists luxury fashion brands with high digital IQ, happy reading! **Image from http://blogs.smarter.com/blogs/guests/online-shopping-cartoon.jpg

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