Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kanchan Couture's E-shop!

As some of you know, our E-shop has been under construction for quite some time now and we've been slowly developing and researching to create Kanch's dream E-shop.

Its been in development since March and we've had a few delays and problems but we're confident it will launch in October!

Since March, Kanch has created tons of new products for our website and recently launching our first Jewelry line with 5 different collections, the Animal Charms, Fashion Charms, Hearts Collection, Rockstar and our new Natural Beads Collection. Kanch also developed a new line of colourful and vibrant scarves called the Guriya Collection and new Tuxedo Belts. All very colourful, all very Kanch : )
So right now Kanch and I are in China sorting out final decisions and fixing the last few bugs on our E-shop so hopefully we'll be able to launch sooner than expected.

Here is a sneak peak of the new products you'll be seeing on our site! Stay tuned because we've got some cool free give-aways coming up!

Guriya Scarves

Fashion Charms

Natural Beads Collection
Love, Petra

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 3 HKJF

Its day three here at the Hong Kong Jewellery Fair and since most of our jewellery collections are finished, we thought we'd share our new products with you!

Introducing the 'My Boyfriend is a Rockstar' Collection AKA 'The Rockstar Collection"

-Rockstar Bracelets by Kanchan Couture.
-10 different colours and styles available
-Sterling silver & Jasper Beads

For more inquires email us at

Love, Petra.

Come visit us! Booth #3F537 (HKCEC)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kanchan Couture at the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair

So all week we’ve been planning and packing for the Hong Kong Jewelry fair and this time we’re exhibitors for the first time!

Luckily our new products from the Rock Star Collection and Fashion Charms had been finished just in time. Our Fashion Charms have been ‘in the making’ for a few months now and it’s super exciting to see them completed and ready to be worn!

As for our Rock Star Collection we had a few problems but everything came together just in the nick of time and they look amazing!

Setting up was really hectic, but things are more fun that way aren’t they? When you’re rushing to set up and the anticipation of what’s next is exciting.
Kanch and I had a lot of fun prepping our booth, which involved a lot of laughs, setting up our display and tagging all our new jewelry, which was tedious, but hey we got the job done.

My favourite part of setting up was retrieving our 300cm x 300cm poster and trying to put it up on our booth wall. Poor Kanch and I had to try and put up our XXL poster by ourselves but ending up cutting the edges off to make it fit and hey presto it did! How many fashionistas does it take to put up a poster? Just two haha

Fashion Charms Debut!

Our *new Rockstar Collection

It’s currently day 2 at the Jewelry fair as I’m sitting here writing our weekly blog watching hundreds of people from all over the world check out what the HK Jewelry Fair has to offer.

Kanch and I haven’t had a chance to look around yet but we’re going to try and look around today, as some of you know, the HKCEC is huge and usually hosts concerts when exhibitions aren’t being held, so you can imagine how big the halls are!

Stay tuned; we’ll keep you updated!

Love, Petra.

PS, if you're in the area come visit us! Booth #3F537

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

S/S 2012 RTW

I was on Youtube a few days a go and I had noticed on my subscription list that Style had come out with a few new videos since the Haute Couture collections. With my eyes locked onto my laptop I watch all of Style's new vids, sure enough the SS 2012 shows are upon us!

My favourites so far have to be Rodarte, Thom Browne and surprisingly I loved Donna Karan's SS 2012 collection (Never been a big fan of Donna Karan)

I'm really liking what I have seen in the SS 2012 collections and I'm intrigued to see the rest of the designers collections

Thom Browne I think had the most interesting SS 2012 presentation, there was a 1920's vibe about the collection and I love me some 20's. Browne's collection had this vibe that was elegant, confident, and somewhat sporty. Browne's SS 2012 debut had an aura that I think represents fashion so well, for women. It was like this underground scene in the 1920's that had this forbidden glamour feel to it.

Rodarte's colour palette was stunning drawing from the inspiration that came from Sleeping Beauty coupled with Van Gogh hence this translated into a palette of gorgeous yellows and blues. Rodarte donned some gorgeous flowy fabrics and one of Van Goghs most signature pieces of art- Starry Night which was shown on a airy princess dress.

Donna Karan's collection had an African tribal Princess/Hollywood vibe which I fell in love with. Her collection wasn't over shadowed by ghastly animal prints on everything, but rather the colour tones, patterns, combined with prints and accessories made for a perfect SS collection, see for yourself!

Any favourites so far?

Love, Petra

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall 2011 Trends

Fall is approaching and the shops around Hong Kong have been slowly getting rid of their Summer fashions and bring in this years Winter wonder trends.

This year we're seeing a lot of polka dots, mustard and green hues, oversized sweaters, plaids and knitted skirts.

I love fall, its my favourite season, especially for fashion, theres so much to wear! I love layering and theres just so much more you can play with and wear in the winter. During the summer I just want to wear a tee or a tank and some shorts and thats it, but in the winter you can wear skirts, tights, leggings, sweaters, trackies and the list goes on. I feel like you can have a lot more fun with fashion during the winter/fall, and after all the crazy bright summer colours its nice to chill out with some neutrals and play with monochrome colours.

Here are mine and Kanch's picks for a Winters day...

Kanch chose the Mahel Print Dress

With our Creme Puff Jacket

My pick..
Our Low Back Top

With a Royal Red Underjupe

And our Tarten Jacket

-Don't forget to wear a pair of shoes!

Love, Petra

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fashion's Night Out

So Fashion's Night Out is quickly approaching, starting September 7th in Madrid, Spain right through to November 5th, ending in Japan. Unfortunately not in Hong Kong, but hopefully that will change next year!

I did a lot a research on FNO to prepare myself, should this occasion grace Hong Kong with its presence or Kanch and I get whisked away to fabulous New York (where it all started) to see for ourselves.

So why did FNO start? Well it was created in 2009 to celebrate fashion and to boost the industry's economy during the recession and restore consumer confidence. Later did the organizers, Vogue US, Designers of America, NYC Company and the City of NY know that FNO would turn into an anual event due to popular demand.
So this year it's back for it's third year and going strong, celebrated in over 250 cities all nation wide. (So sad it's not in Hong Kong...yet)

So Kanch and I are missing out on celebrity appearances, fashion shows, designer appearances, and musical performances :(

Check out the pictures from last year...

Anna Wintour, FNO 2009

Gisele Bundchen hits the runway for FNO 2010

Naomi Campbell for D&G at FNO 2011

Top models for FNO 2010

Outside Macy's, FNO 2010

Maybe next year!

Love, Petra

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