Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fashion's Night Out

So Fashion's Night Out is quickly approaching, starting September 7th in Madrid, Spain right through to November 5th, ending in Japan. Unfortunately not in Hong Kong, but hopefully that will change next year!

I did a lot a research on FNO to prepare myself, should this occasion grace Hong Kong with its presence or Kanch and I get whisked away to fabulous New York (where it all started) to see for ourselves.

So why did FNO start? Well it was created in 2009 to celebrate fashion and to boost the industry's economy during the recession and restore consumer confidence. Later did the organizers, Vogue US, Designers of America, NYC Company and the City of NY know that FNO would turn into an anual event due to popular demand.
So this year it's back for it's third year and going strong, celebrated in over 250 cities all nation wide. (So sad it's not in Hong Kong...yet)

So Kanch and I are missing out on celebrity appearances, fashion shows, designer appearances, and musical performances :(

Check out the pictures from last year...

Anna Wintour, FNO 2009

Gisele Bundchen hits the runway for FNO 2010

Naomi Campbell for D&G at FNO 2011

Top models for FNO 2010

Outside Macy's, FNO 2010

Maybe next year!

Love, Petra

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