Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall 2011 Trends

Fall is approaching and the shops around Hong Kong have been slowly getting rid of their Summer fashions and bring in this years Winter wonder trends.

This year we're seeing a lot of polka dots, mustard and green hues, oversized sweaters, plaids and knitted skirts.

I love fall, its my favourite season, especially for fashion, theres so much to wear! I love layering and theres just so much more you can play with and wear in the winter. During the summer I just want to wear a tee or a tank and some shorts and thats it, but in the winter you can wear skirts, tights, leggings, sweaters, trackies and the list goes on. I feel like you can have a lot more fun with fashion during the winter/fall, and after all the crazy bright summer colours its nice to chill out with some neutrals and play with monochrome colours.

Here are mine and Kanch's picks for a Winters day...

Kanch chose the Mahel Print Dress

With our Creme Puff Jacket

My pick..
Our Low Back Top

With a Royal Red Underjupe

And our Tarten Jacket

-Don't forget to wear a pair of shoes!

Love, Petra

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