Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Young Models

Lately there has been a lot of talk in the media and the fashion industry about young models and how young is too young?

Last year I had heard that 15 year old (born 1994) Lindsey Wixson was to model for Miu Miu's 2010 campaign. Her photographs weren't so provocative although she donned a micro mini skirt, merely her age sparked talk about an age limit for models in the industry. She later walked for Miu Miu, was featured in Vogue and opened for Prada's fashion show and she still hasn't turned 18 yet.

One of the biggest controversial stories I had heard of yet, the parents of Hailey Clauson (born 1995) was suing Urban Outfitters and photographer Jason Lee Perry for $28 Million US for a "provocative" photo shoot. Urban Outfitters eventually saw the images and printed Clauson's photograph onto millions of t-shirts. However, after this Clauson's career exploded and she ended up modeling for Gucci, Lanvin for H&M, Donna Karan, Dsquared, Dior and more despite being 15 when the photograph was taken.

Then we heard about a certain Vogue shoot that upped the ante on the subject. 10 year old Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau was posing in "racy positions" full face of make-up, heels and looked like she was the stand in to the twenty-something model that couldn't make it because she was well.. too hungover.
Blondeau mirrored a Kate Moss, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior-esque shoot and the public was quick to lash out at Blondeau's parents, her father a French football player and mother, a TV presenter and actress.

There have been more and more youngsters that are being photographed for fashion such as... Elle Fanning for Marc Jacobs who is just 13
Hailee Steinfeld for Mui Mui who is 15
Nyasha Matonhodze for Louis Vuitton who is 16

So what do we think? Are people overreacting or should be an age limit and why are younger models in such high demand?

My opinion? Well hard to say because I can appreciate a good photograph despite their age if it isn't obviously provocative. I personally love Clauson's biker chick photo because i'm not taking it too seriously and I love how raw the image is and her I don't give a * attitude. But theres always going to be people that look at things in different ways.

So fashion geeks, how young is too young?
Love, Petra

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