Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Super Yachts

Kanch had told me on Monday that she had read an article about Super Yachts and how lots of people are splashing out on lavish super yachts for their holidays.

I decided to look online for mine & Kanch's future super yacht. We've all seen celebrities on holiday or on their honeymoon chillaxing on their $65mil or $45,000/per day yacht. -Jealousy is settling in-So i went window online shopping and found some of the most amazing boats including P. Diddy's The Maraya Yacht that he bought for $65US mil, pretty impressive and Why's Hermes yacht, which i have decided is mine and Kanch's future toy and also Kanch's desktop background. And yes, a toy.
Why, Hermes

I love how contemporary, elegant and minimalistic the Why, Hermes boat is. Its luxurious without being obvious which i absolutely adore. The design of the yacht is unique, spacious and its hundreds of windows create that modern light house look. The Hermes yacht is also organic, recycling energy and organic and inorganic waste. Oh yes, i can imagine the perfect sunny weekend on it...

"The revolutionary concept of a moving island.
Space, stability, movement, independence and peace "- President & CEO

Van Geest Design

While i was window shopping i came across Van Geest Design Yachts which were stunning.
Also minimalistic like the Hermes yacht, although less spacious and well actually looks like a boat rather than an island, its just as incredible. I can't decide which one i want.
It has a 360 panoramic view and a helicopter landing pad, pretty snazzy

Oh yes, Kanch and i also need a kick-ass slide. there is something about the these significant creatures that glide on the big blue that intrigues me.

Love, Petra

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