Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When in Europe...

When in Europe … do the – shopping! Boutiques in Europe have razzle-dazzled us with their unique designers and inspired us with their thirst for creativity. Kanch had a great time in Europe and we look forward to going back next year. As the number of boutiques that stock Kanchan Couture grow, we wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some photos we took of our stockists during our trip:

(No photo taken, shall remember to take one next time!)
OUT Shop

Annie says, ‘I like this store, it’s got quirky pieces, fun t-shirts and some trendy accessories.
My favorite are the Patricia Blanchet shoe collection!’

5 Rue Léon Lepage

1000 Brussels 

+32 (0)2 551 17 67


Annie says, ‘Their funky décor and cool atmosphere stole our attention!”

Village Verve
Mon Amour
Annie says, “This store has a little bit of everything, great for buying gifts!”

Annie says, ‘Kanch, along with other designers had a trunk show at this Asian fusion concept store, and from the photos, it looked like a great mixture of people showed up to check out and appreciate the different designer clothes.
I really wish there was a place like this in Hong Kong!’

With the economy still picking itself up, people are buying less and looking for pieces that are great for everyday wear. I read an article on the Business of Fashion Website, and people have started to notice that even big name brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, are all making wallet friendly pieces. What remains, with the fashion forward – people have made sure to leave room in their closets for fun pieces, which has left many boutiques looking for interesting designers with a fresh look.

Hong Kong needs more boutiques that flaunt designer clothes. Why Europe is ahead in it’s fashion trends, is because they are not afraid to experiment, not afraid of trying new looks – this thirst for fashion is what is missing from Hong Kong. Superbrand shopping, albeit make divine clothes as well, but I’m sick of going to cocktails, birthday parties, any event in general – and spotting someone wearing the same or similar outfit as me but in a different color.

Without sounding like a plug, Kapok is one of the few boutiques in Hong Kong that caters -- designer wear for people wanting fashion forward flair. What Hong Kong needs, more Designer boutiques! How do we get it? Not quite sure yet, but in the mean time my eyes are still going to search for cool trendy boutiques that give me a sense of euro…

Trunk Show Paris

Trunk Show Brussels

Enquiries: +852 2117 1782 | |

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