Friday, September 24, 2010

Shanghai is not like Hong Kong. People might not necessarily understand the importance of personal space here, people stare at me like I'm the only Indian person they have ever seen, and riding the METRO...let's just visualize a 'sardine can' and amuse ourselves with the image of an indian girl dead in the middle of it!

What brought me here? We exhibited Kanchan Couture's finest demi-couture and bridal collections at the Shanghai Expo, 2010 - with a foot traffic guestimate of over 400,000 people per day! Since we were here, we decided to meet with boutiques, shopping malls, designers, work on some collaborations and also do some good old fashion market research.

Some of Shanghai's best fashions are found in the nooks and crevices of artsy districts, hidden away inside buildings, or out boasting onto the streets of the French Concession, Xin Tian Di, Nanjing, Peoples Square, Pudong..the places are limited and endless at the same time...Go to Shanghai, you'll know what i mean!

Coming to Shanghai for work has been a great learning experience. I know a few things didn't go the way that we had planned, but the people I've met and the sights I've seen along the way, will continue to bring me back to Shanghai...

Favorite Restuarant: Nanxiang- Shanghai Dumpling Restuarant, Crystal Jade has some competition!
Favorite Area to Hangout: Xin Tian Di
Favorite Shopping Centre: Raffles City
Favorite Street-wear: The Source
Fun local brand of clothes that I wish was in Hong Kong: ONLY
Morning Ritual: Coffee Bean!

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