Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bonjour from Paris!

Kanch and I have been experiencing symptoms of a long distance relationship this month. We text each other before we sleep, we call each other first thing in the morning, we have problems, we tell each other when something exciting has happened, we look to one another for support.

Business Trips. Not easy. Hard work!

Kanch is currently in Paris, meeting with Press, Buyers, and giving the Parisians a special showcase of Kanchan Couture's best in a Trunk Show, co-hosted by Vanessa Destaing, Paris Jeweler.

Kanch sends her love and photos before going into her final day and event in Paris. Brussels, here she comes..

Who needs a boyfriend, when you have Fashion?

view from the showroom

showroom location

Enquiries 2117 2187 or email

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