Monday, September 6, 2010

Kanchan Couture VIP Fashion Show at MINI SPOT: MINI-mal Chic

‘Twas a hot, humid Thursday evening in Hong Kong and rain was hanging thick in the air...  A designer set out to do the one thing she loves, again, to try to win over the public with her creative flair, razzling work, and dazzling clothes. Kanchan Couture and MINI Hong Kong teamed up to have a VIP Fashion Show at MINI SPOT. 

The creative minds of MINI HONG KONG and Kanchan Couture came together a few weeks ago to organize a very special evening: MINI-mal Chic, inspired by the VOGUE September issue.

Minimal elegance this season is acheived with single hues, accompanied with fun signature peices. We turned back to full skirt silhouettes, exotic hair and sexy makeup and showed a collection of Kanchan Couture’s demi-couture range on the 2nd of September, 2010.

I think all my friends read my last fashion show blog, because this time, I was showered with friends and love, who came to support all the hard work that went into organizing this VIP night.

This time before the event, was not as stressful as the last time. We still had models that showed up late, lighting problems, food and beverage problems, layout issues, but this is all normal. I think I'm officially starting to get the hang of it. 

Panicking during the heat of the moment was something I used to do. I think the grown up approach, was to take on each obstacle -- one at a time, and find the most logical solution. This is harder than it sounds, but do-able! I was pretty proud of myself. 

Even as I was making my closing speech, as the MC for the event, and the microphone decided to have a mind of it's own, making loud screeching noises, I was  completely at calm and still enjoyed every moment of it. 

By George, I think I've finally got it! 

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