Tuesday, December 21, 2010


People make resolutions all the time. But how many people really keep them? In essence, do people make resolutions to break them? Or do we make unrealistic resolutions , so that we unintentionally break them? Either way, I went ahead and asked everyone what their new year’s resolutions were!

To be funnier, laugh a lot more and learn better mind control. At work, I’d like to have a lot more FUN and make money along the way!

To stay more in shape, go to the gym, try and be healthier!

Make a resolution for next year!

Stop using Facebook for a month.

Play my piano more.

Buy a Motorbike.

Alex: Give up Smoking.

I've never beleived in resolutions and decided that this year I should try to make one. You know .. just to keep things interesting -- this is what I did:

Step 1
Get a Pen and Paper

Step 2
Re-assess the last 365 days of the year, which lead me to sit in front of this pen and paper

Step 3
Get Angry -- Get Sad -- Get Happy -- Go Mad, thinking of a non-generic resolution that is realistic!

Step 4
Scrunch up piece of paper and throw it away in the bin. Look at cartoon regarding New years and get distracted...

Help me make my resolution, email annie@kanchancouture.com and tell me, what is your New Year's Resolution?

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