Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Trends

When it’s summer, I love the thought of winter. Then Winter rolls around and I can’t wait till summer is back. There are three good things about winter in Hong Kong, Hot Pot dinner parties, cuddling up to watch movies, and winter shopping! Here are some dominant trends to keep in mind while shopping during this chilly turn to our usual hot humid temperature…

. I love sweaters, they're soft, they're cuddly, easy to wear. Great for wearing over dresses, jeans, skirts. As much as people say turtle necks are the devil, turtle necks have been dominant as a winter trend this 2010/11. Your can wear them under your blazer/coat, or wear a long necklace over it, or even pair with some featured large earrings and skinny pants. Sophistication provided by turtleneck.
ZARA’s Turtleneck Sweater with Faux-Suede Elbow Patches.
Thin, high boots. Love them. They catch your eye, they keep you warm. I don’t know how you could go wrong by pairing boots of different lengths, furs, trims, and color, to your outfit, that would look bad. 
I even gave last season's Autumn/Fall furry boots a whirl, as recommended and projected by the September issue of Vogue (see my previous blog post reviewing the last September Issue of Vogue), and they still looked great.
I LIKE: Roberto Cavalli’s Thigh High Lace & Leather boots pair with a pair of shorts and white blouse and long trench coat with a high collar.
Scarves & Shawls
. I am the queen of scarves. I can wear them at work, I can wear them on a night out, I can wear them anywhere and they keep me warm. They could be long and cotton, soft and silky, pashmina’s and cashmeres, bright in color or muted and minimal-- They are all great.

I LIKE: No, I LOVE Kanchan Couture’s Bear Hug Shawl, with just about anything I wear.
After buying all those things, can you believe I still want a pair of gloves? Happy New Year Everyone!

**Header image from: http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/full-body-sweater

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