Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thinking about Killer Men...

Parental Guidance is strongly advised for reading this blog. Anything said or referred to in this blog has been said with humour in mind…

Being well dressed has not always been a major criteria for people committing major crimes, but it seems that if you are a killer and dressed to kill, then you’re directly related to being linked amongst some of the most infamous killers of all time:

Ted Bundy
This man used to visit the corpses several times after he had raped and murdered women, and practiced necrophilia. To give more detail, he would leave the bodies of his victims at a nearby mountain dump site, apply makeup to them, and sleep with them. Notoriously known for his charm, good looks, and killer ways, he wasn’t able to woo and fool his women by being just another average dressed man. If he were alive today, I’d slap some Dolce & Gabbana - something from the Fall / Winter 2010 collection (see below) on him and he’d be even more irresistible…
Next on my list of Fashionable Felons is the male model that admitted to killing a journalist in the UK last Friday (click here to read more). Renato Seabra wanted to cure himself of Homosexuality so he continued to mutilate Carlos Castro with a corkscrew. Other rumours said that the two were lovers and Carlos refused to take Renato on a shopping trip. Regardless the reason, Renato – I wonder what you wore, maybe something from Diesel?
The Zodiac
I recently watched a movie on DVD, Zodiac, based on the Zodiac Killer active in the 60s and 70s, the Zodiac became a legendary story more notably because of the ciphers he sent to the police and press taunting them with the puzzle of his identity -- and then because of the killing spree he went on. Their prime suspect was never prosecuted because actual evidence and circumstantial evidence never matched. Whoever the Zodiac was, decided to start wearing a disguise to protect his identity. In the theme of disguises, I would have dressed him in something like this…(yes this is a picture from the movie KICK A*S)
On a more serious note, if you haven’t noticed already, my focus has been on Killer Men. If I had to chose a dead gorgeous man for 2010, as opposed to a man who’d want me dead, it would have to be Beckham has constantly been in the eyes of all Fashionista's. From the moment he got a haircut to match Victoria Beckham's, to the risque photo shoot by W Magazine -- David Beckham has been stopped, spotted and quizzed about what he's wearing on many a red carpet and photographed not only for his impeccable style but also for the comfort and confidence in which he wears all of his clothes.
Kill me now….

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