Thursday, December 2, 2010

160 Years of Lane Crawford

I remember going to Lane Crawford as a child and always being mesmerized by everything behind the glass. I wanted to touch everything -- fine I was a child -- but the idea was definitely instilled, this is where you come to buy "the good stuff".

Last night Kanch and I (plus another 4500 rsvp'd guests!) attended the 160th Anniversary of Lane Crawford. All stops were pulled out for a chance to party it up in the heart of Lane Crawford at IFC, Hong Kong.

Cotton Candy, Ice-cream, Barbecue, live band, FLASH MOB DANCE! This was definitely the most fun-filled, brand encompassed playground I had ever seen! Guests could play games such as snooker, ping pong, air hockey -- all for a chance to win a goody bag, which entitled you to a product from the store! True story: I witnessed a guy get a Theory Leather Jacket!

Regrets from last night:
  • There was too many people to take out the camera from my bag, so I have low-res images taken by my Blackberry.
  • I didn't elbow shove anyone and try the lamb chops at the barbecue or the pizza in the cafe
  • I didn't take a picture with the Lady GaGa models that were walking around the shop
  • I didn't know the dance the Flash Mob did and I wanted to join in badly!
Happy Anniversary Lane Crawford, thank you for the champagne, the topless male Santa's, and another wonderful party.

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