Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Spring Wishlist

"My favorite accessory is my iPad in it's nice white's so sexy. Reading novels on the MTR never looked so hot! Pair my iPad with my favorite aubergine drape skirt by Club Monaco -- match made in Heaven... I would LOVE to have a Persian rug. The colors and patterns are so beautiful and bright. I love tapestries and textiles, but the real masterpieces are insanely expensive." Liz Lee

"When Spring comes, I love to wear the maxi dress. A must have is the liberty maxi dress -- I have this amazing vintage Cacharel dress that my mum was wearing in the 60’s … Gotta love it ! Just bought this pair of stunning Jimmy Choo leopard print wedges… will rock them all spring long ! I will never go out without my YSL gold / turquoise maxi ring! ...My biggest dream since I’ve been a one year old girly : A horse , well at the time it was a pony ! but nothing on earth would make me happier … and what is better than riding on a warm spring evening ! If we talk fashion, I would die for a Hermes Alligator Kelly Bag!" Coco Celine

Spring is starting to tease us, one day it's there, and the next -- it isn't. We all know what that means. We have been in hiding, bundled up in sweaters, layers, scarves.. but that hasn't stopped us from making mental wishlists, of all the credit card damage we plan on making!

My Wish List:
I would be silly to NOT want the iPad2! At nearly a third smaller than the last iPad, the iPad2 allows dual side video with FaceTime, it is 15% lighter, faster, comes with a cool and snazzy cover that attaches magnetically! Who shot the Kennedy? I think the iPad would know that too!
Nicole Ritchie's Metal and Leather Strap Bracelet is giving me a reason to wear leather on a daily basis. The contrast of metal on leather, just screams out to me for some reason.
For shoes and accessories this spring, I will have to say that Dolce & Gabbana has stolen my attention. I love the florals, I love the color tones chosen, the polka dots. I love it all...

For the Spring, I also have been loving my pair of Kanch Heart Earrings in Pink. I love the candy colours, and the signature hearts are just lovable...pun intended.
For the final addition to my Sping Wish list, a book. A girlfriend of mine recently read it for a book club and said that she couldn't put the book down. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is about a black woman from poverty named Henrietta Lacks. She dies of cervical cancer in the 1950s but pieces of the tumor that killed her are taken without her knowledge or consent. These cells are used first in one lab, then in hundreds, then thousands, eventually spawning a multi-billion dollar industry and became a foundation of modern science. This is only one great aspect of the book. The other, is how through years of research, the author maps out the life of Henrietta, before she passed away, and we get to learn about the Lacks family and the true life of Henrietta Lacks.
So, for any of you out there who are feeling generous... I'd like any of the above please!

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