Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have you heard about Galliano?

We’ve all heard about the antics of Famed EX-Dior designer John Galliano. If you haven’t heard, then read the Huffintgon Post article with video footage leaked by British tabloid Sun Times. But for people who aren’t as familiar with the world of Fashion: Galliano’s impact to the runways, and in affect – Dior, has been phenomenal. An end of an era keeps everyone in the fashion industry alert and eager to see what Dior does next. We explore a quick profile and view some of Dior / Galliano’s best:

Galliano moved to London in the latter 60s. With a Gibraltarian background, he was raised by a Spanish mother and British Plumber; where growing up doing the flamenco was normal, so was dressing clad in immaculate, clean cut clothes.

Galliano attended Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London and blessed the runways for the first time with his graduation show titled, ‘Les Incroyables’ – inspired by the 1789 French Revolution. The Entire Collection was bought by a London Boutique, from which Diana Ross – owns one of the first pieces.

From Day one, to the days he took over the creative throne at Dior in 1996, till his recent demise: Galliano has given Dior over £900million in annual sales, and an endless amount of glamour.

Here are a few of his more recent pieces from the last few years...

Autumn Winter 2010/11 Haute Couture

Spring Summer 2010/11

Fall Winter 2009

Spring Summer 2007

On the 2nd Mar, Galliano released a Statement through his lawyers. Dior has stated on the 9th of March that they plan on keeping Galliano’s designs and where they are disappointed and don't want to be affiliated with what has happened in the last weeks past, they continue sans Galliano– while we all wait and watch the verdict of Galliano, we hope to see more wondrous works from him...

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