Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wondering about Websites...

Team Kanch has been eating, breathing, studying, living, drinking, and talking websites, while working around the clock towards the re-design of our shopping interface. While researching -- I came across some really interesting websites and innovative marketing campaigns:

A website developed by a company using the faces of all the employees with clickable eyes, nose, mouth and face. With a possibility of over 759,375 faces, this website is addictive with the number of absolutely real looking faces, all created with the help of a click!

Who did it? Burger King did it. They sent out a team of people to travel the world – and find people who had never seen, or eaten a burger before. Real Taste tests done by REAL people. Big Mac vs. Whopper – they made a documentary!
As for Fashion Websites, when it comes to style, trends and fashion shows – this website is a great online encyclopedia for all things Fashion. I love that this website archives old fashion collections and shows with an easy search option that provides images.
When it comes to shopping, Net-a-porter remains one of the best. With an easy to use website, this site remains as one of the industry’s leader in designer wear. Kanch and the team aspire to have a website with similar usability and fabulousness!
When I think about what I want our shopping interface to look like, I envision our website to look like one of our signature demi-couture pieces – where the prints would highlight to a neon color once the mouse scrolls over and allows you entrance into the largest closet to go shopping in. This website would also allow you to learn about fashion, look at Fashion news, read our wonderously fabulous blog and of course –you’re your very own pieces by Kanchan Couture. But how do we get there? How do we know what you want? This is where you come in. We have come up with a few questions we would like YOU to answer. Help us answer under 10 questions and receive a FREE gift once our website launches. This website will not be us only, but will be for you too. What do you want to see on our next shopping website? What do you look for? Tell us now! CLICK HERE TO ANSWER OUR SURVEY

Thanks again, and watch this space for results at a later date

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