Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lake Blue Reeboks

Being a high heels kinda gal who has not seen a gym in years, sports shoes and sportswear are not really my forte. This summer has hopefully seen a change in me as I decided it was time to hit the gym and get fit. The next obstacle was what to wear to the gym…as you look around you see all these women pumping iron, holding a tree pose for several minutes yet looking like they could put on their heels and go out to a club. Looking chic in designer gear from Stella McCartney to Lulu Lemon seems to be a trend these days.
So my question is does designer sports wear actually make you perform better?

Experts believe that when women look good, they feel good thus giving them more confidence to push them selves harder and perform better. Agreed that this would work in all scenarios, if you feel sexy in that little black number you're wearing you’ll be more confident to go up to and talk to the cute boy in line next to you or at the bus stop.

What one feels good in is very subjective – my dear friend LT loves Fendi bags and feels superhot when she carries one, thus this would make her perform optimally in all situations, gym or no gym. Whereas another near and dear - SS she loves her Zara dresses more then life it self. It is not really about the “designer sports wear” but rather about the feeling one gets when they put on the shorts, top or sneaker.

In life I believe in always trying to perform at my optimal, thus finding out what gives me that “great” feeling, putting a smile on my face, and on the faces of those around me…. not sure if I’ll ever make it to the gym or not, but you’ll definitely see me running around feeling magical in my Lake Blue Reebok’s - putting those stilettos on hold for now!


Thanks to Jeff for taking the images (www.jeff-hahn.com) and to Louise for the inspiration!


  1. I'm glad you discovered the joys of Reeboks as they are the most comfy might add.....
    They also make a cool lime green/orange and yellow pair all in one if you really want to wild out! :)