Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a week…

This week like every other just seemed to zoom along at the blink of an eye. It was perhaps a bit more of a jam packed week with not only trying to fit in the daily running’s of a business, managing people, designing a new collection, working on a brand re-design, preparing for an event but also running to forum’s, fashion shows, and parties put on by the master card luxury fashion week in Hong Kong.

Coming up to 2 years of running Kanchan Couture, while always trying to stay inspired it often feels like a up hill struggle and being human it is only natural that you question what your doing, how could you do it better or what is it that your doing wrong, how could you be making more money, having more clients..blah blah blah.

What a week it was …not just for me but the world of fashion with Esprit seeing profits fall 40 percent this quarter, Hermes profit below expectation and Christian Lacroix falling ….yet amidst this there is hope in Asia!!

Going to fashion week’s luxury forum helped me in remembering how much I truly love the world of fashion, from both angles - creative and business. The panel of speakers ranged from directors of luxury brands to renounced writers to retail real estate giants. Each speaker not only shared great insights into the industry and also a positive / passionate sprit on where and how Asia is developing as a market with its very interesting consumer group…starting a business in Asia was perhaps the correct choice.

The weeks ended with the wrap party thrown by Quintessentially and Taubman, and what a party it was, fashionably dressed people, a creative collaboration of Havianas and Pikpiking, blinking of camera flashes, champagne and great music.

Bring it on Asia!!!

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