Thursday, September 10, 2009

I want a surfboard….

Having dear friends who own an art gallery in town always keeps me up to date with the art scene, we often spend long dinners discussing why there is not more art and sub culture in Hong Kong?

Well there are definitely a few galleries in town trying to do something new and fresh, one of them happens to be – ufoart gallery. Owners Jane and Holger traveled over from Germany to show Hong Kong the meaning Lowbrow – street art.

This particular exhibition caught my eye as the artist Phil is multi-talented, not only does he create works of art but he’s also part of the fashion world designing for many great labels.

Phil Hayes has been making and exhibiting art for more than 20 years now. He has exhibited in well over 150 group shows and this exhibition in Hong Kong will be his 10th solo exhibition. His work is held in public and private collections all over the world from Japan to USA, even in Lithuania.

Australian born and bred, Phil worked as a teacher and then lecturer in fine art before moving into the surf industry where he became an artist, then head designer for Surf Company Rip Curl. After 5 years as the head designer for Rip Curl he moved to the company Quiksilver. At Quiksilver he was head designer for many years and has recently made the move to live in Hong Kong and work in the Quiksilver global sourcing where he is the Product and Sourcing Director.

The move to Hong Kong is clearly seen in the new body of work. Indeed the works are all about the move from Australia to Hong Kong and the cultural and iconic differences between the two countries. “This is why I have titled the show Australese - a mix of Australia, Hongkongese and Chinese” Phil says.

Intricate Chinese designs are seen placed with a classic old Australian car or some Australian wild life - the juxtaposition of these images creates a tension of sorts but also the end result is quite beautiful.

My favorite is the surfboard on auction right now.....…..12,800 HKD

Umm where could it sit at my house??

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