Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Events galore..

A large part of Hong Kong life is all about networking and going to events although I do enjoy it, often it can get a bit exhausting.

On Tuesday night Kanchan Couture and Wineway put on an event called the little black dress, at first the thought of putting on another event was a bit daunting especially since it is officially the middle of the summer vacation. But it turned out a wonderful evening of chatting to new friends, creative people while also learning about what styling means to different people. Nights like this always bring me back to my element realizing that it is wonderful to be social, learning new things from everyone around you.

Thought to share some images from the event:

“The Little Black Dress” – On three different personalities, 16 different ways to jazz up that little black dress while learning about some exquisite wines.

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