Friday, August 7, 2009

An exercise in re-branding

They say time flies when your having fun, and that is definitely true when running your own fashion business. This September will mark a big 2 years for Kanchan Couture, but it feels like yesterday when the first collection was launched.

With lots of sweat, love and labor Kanchan Couture has build up a reputation for designing luxurious women’s wear, participated in fashion shows around the globe, worked with high profile media / corporations and played an active role in the Hong Kong’s fashion scene….what an exciting two years its been. People tend to ask about the experience of running a business. And boy all I can say it that it is an incredible journey - no matter how much experience you have, I don’t think one can ever fully be prepared for the ride.

Before taking the brand to the next level, we have decided to do a bit of re-branding of ogo, website, printed materials etc so that the third year starts off with a big bang. Holger and Jane from uforepublic ( are working on giving Kanchan Couture an awesome new look!

Apart from all the difficult decisions on what text looks best, what logo best represents the brand, it been a great exercise for me to reflect on what Kanchan Couture really stands for and what I want the world to see. After an intensive interview with Jane she came up with different ideas as to what it will all look like.

A creative brainstorm lunch and its all moving ahead in full steam…..I cant wait to the whole package together. That’s the beauty of the creative process….never static, always changing, wonderfully surprising!

Left: Jane from uforepublic

Watch out for Kanchan Couture this Septemeber!!!

A big thank you to uforepublic

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