Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dear FASHIONgraduates…….

The path of least resistance along with a pinch of persistence…

The weeks original blog title was to be “Not for the weak hearted: the changing fashion rules Baghdad-Style” but as the week unfolded watching events that appeared I decided to put that on the back burner just for a second and to ramble about an issue that made me itch… what really is the future for fashion graduates?

With hundreds of new fashion graduates fresh out of college and 52 universities around the UK taking part in Graduate Fashion Week, a lot of the articles I have been reading recently are directed to asking, what the future holds for these fresh grads in this kind of climate?

The opening line of a column in the FT this weekend was “You are starting out in a career at a very different time and it’s important that you not be afraid.” Ah yes FEAR….that lovely emotion that seems to have been around for centuries, kills hopes, dreams, and careers. Although I do see all the economic garb around us as being real: 52 per cent of interviewees thought the prospects for new grads were limited and 36 per cent did not expect to get a job this year. I still believe if you choose your path of least resistance and are in love with what you do this alone will make you reach unbelievable heights.

The last time I checked fashion was about passion, persistence and living a dream so why is it now that it would be any different? If we are to look back at the lives of any one of the great designers we see that they all have been tough ups and downs so with them in our hearts we must go on – recession or no recession.

“An arresting fashion show is not enough nowadays: persistence is crucial” – I say hasn’t persistence always been crucial to being successful.

All that aside, if the retails sector is staying positive despite fall in sales…then we can too!

My fashionistas…with your fresh ideas and new blood, you are the fashion worlds most valuable asset!

The world is yours to fashion.

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