Sunday, November 15, 2009

A night to remember....

Every show is the same - months of preparation and then in just a few minutes it's all over……Driving on days of adrenaline and then suddenly it hits its peak and a low follows, now the search for the next “big thing” is on. For me, this train of emotions is one of the highlights of being in the fashion industry.

Style for School was a great success, the night started with guests arriving and having their picture taken, followed by champagne, canapés and a lot of chatter. The doors opened and the games began. An hour later the show was over and the audience were left wow-ing the dresses.

A big Thank you to all the people who gave their time and energy in putting together this event, most of the dresses were auctioned and a good deal of money was raised for Room to Read.

Leave you to wonder who the new owners of these fabulous frocks are……

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