Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Blue and White Night

A week later and the cloud of chaos is just beginning to settle down. What a few weeks it was with late nights in the studio, worries of the collection arriving on time in the correct fabric and color, long email chains back and forth with all the people involved, the phone ringing off the hook and a great build of up adrenaline…

It always amazes me at how fast it is over and now to reviewing the new collection and seeing where and how we can take it to new heights.

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Blue and White – Changing hands (A/W09)

“..a pot in order to be good should be a genuine expression of life. It implies sincerity on the part of the potter and truth in the conception and execution of the work” Bernard Leach

There are two main themes of the collection - re-cycling meddled along with tradition. I draw two topics worlds apart and fuse them together. Usually in the making and buying process (of collections) there is up to 30 percent wastage and instead of throwing this away I decided that this should be re-molded and turned into something beautiful and wearable. We are such a wasteful society and it is important for everyone to start to do their bit to change people’s attitude and thinking.

The new print and general feel of the collection comes from the famous Blue and While Porcelain. Fashion and this fine art of ceramics are alike in that they adapt and integrate ideas from other disciplines molding into a new form. The passing down of family porcelain, it is this traditional aspect that interests me. It is all about a families legacy, and most families have something they pass down whether it be a scarf, ring etc in my family there has been a feud for a long time about who my grand father’s tea set belongs to – this all fits in well with the idea of re-using as generation upon generation pass down this very treasured item, almost admired as it is “old" but “new” at the same time. My inspiration is derived from my intricate Asian roots which I elegantly blend with the simple, classic and bold shapes of the 1980’s western world.

Oh Oh and the new website is up and running…so please do check it out: (designed and creative by uforepublic)

This is what I really love about the fashion world it never stops….what we got brewing next is the question?

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