Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Trends

So summer is finally here in Hong Kong and it’s got the office crazy for summer wear!

We’ve all been to check out H&M, Cotton On & Zara quite a few times (1 trip is certainly not enough) and we’re all really excited about the summer trends like maxi dresses, bikinis, shorts, prints, stripes, maxi skirts, gladiator sandals and wedges.

It all started with the Bikinis we went to look at during our 3 day photo shoot. I swear we were in that section for a good 15 minutes running around yelling “OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS ONE!” holding our arms up above avoiding other shoppers to show each other our finds. I guess that’s one of the great things about fast fashion, of course, you

could end up on the beach with a couple of clones, beware!

The other day after work, Shivani and I went to H&M to do some research for our Merchandising Mix for our new web shop and spotted a lot of great prints and accessories. Shivani actually ended up getting a pair of stripy high waisted shorts and I got a printed flower tank dress.
With research in mind of course!! - Ah the wonderful world of fashion!

This entire summer shopping epidemic has got me thinking about trends for our new website and we’ve been talking about creating new styles for the brand.
We’ve also been redressing the mannequins into their new styles ready to turn the heat up.

Since we got tons of new scarves, we were experimenting different ways to tie them and we came up with some really chic fun ways to tie them

Here are our top picks for the summer!

Shivani's Pick

(Maiden Print dress)

My Pick
(Mahel Print Dress)

Kanch's Pick
(Skinny Pink Neon Belt with our Slant Print Tee)

Annie's pick
(Cheeky back top with our Choc Shorts)

Love, Petra

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