Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photoshoot Day Two - Products, products, products and more..

Day two of shooting and our team was to meet at 0830 hours (yes military operation talk) for a quick meeting with the gang to briefly discuss and plan our day.

After stocking up on coca cola and coffee we jumped into a taxi and headed to pick up our trusty photographer on the way to Ap Lei Chau.

We started with our concept shots for our Heart Earrings and coming up with cool inventive ideas for placement and banner shots for our new online shopping website. We then moved on to shoot concept shoots of our vibrant new scarves.
We all came up with some great ideas which led us to folding and rolling our scarves for ages!

I remember Kanch saying “its 5 now guys, let’s move on to the next concept” I was like, “FIVE?!!” Time had gone by so quickly and we only had till 6:30pm so we moved on to the next shot which Shivani had to watch origami tutorials for!

So after 6 coffees and 5 Colas between the three of us, the day was over. We packed all products and equipment into our 6 of our XL recyclable bags and headed home- I mean back to the office.

We got back to the office exhausted. We unloaded and ironed a couple of outfits ready for tomorrows model concept shots, and despite having to wake up even earlier tomorrow we went to H&M to check out the bikinis, girls huh?

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