Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Trip to PanYu

So on Wednesday Shivani, Kanch and I got up at the crack of dawn to catch our bus to Panyu which is about an hour from Guangzhou

We went with a suitcase containing 44 of our scarves..knowing what a mission this would be we were dreading it a bit. So first it was figuring out the settings on the camera - hard but once we read all the "how to" guides on the internet we were ready and left with some great shots! Mission accomplished. Great.

After two days of product shots we were ready to go home back to our Hong Kong headquarters - leaving the China office and off to flag a cab down. After waiting outside for at least 10 minutes, we started to stray away from our cab hailing and noticed there was a shop behind us, of course we went in to check it out! We saw some lovely maxi dresses and some gorgeous bags made from a really soft leather- LOVE! (Note to self. Bring more RMB next time)

After 30 odd honks while trying to catch a taxi we got one- results! In under 10 mins we got to the bus stop where we catch the bus to the Shenzhen boarder, right on time for the 7:15 pm but just our luck it was full - great we thought, would we make it home tonight? Luckily there was an 8:30pm bus (the last bus to HK) so this left us plenty of time to go do "touristy" things for an hour. We walked around a few malls all connected together by a large circular bridge.

Walking into the first mall, Shivani said, “this looks like an Indian mall” and I said “looks like a Thai mall!” I guess it wasn't quite a culture shock as we were still in China but it was lovely to get out of Hong Kong and go somewhere different- business and pleasure of course!

Walking through the streets we could feel all the stares on us, they all looked like they had never seen foreigners before! I remember walking through this indoor outdoor mall and seeing this sign- a shop called “Y PAY MORE?” Shivani and I could not stop laughing... What a perfect name for a store in Mainland China!!! To be honest Shivani and I could not get ourselves to go in. We noticed that most of the stores were a little more expensive than Hong Kong and carried a lot of the same things.

We also went to this shop that had a Zara/H&M feel to it. We went directly up to level 2- the ladies section, it was horrible!!! We walked around the store so fast, picking up nothing to have a second look and RAN back down stairs. There were actually no customers inside, quite surprising considering its size- it was HUGGE!! Wonder how they pay their rent?

We then had to time ourselves because the last bus for the night was the one we intended to catch, so if it had not left we would have been stranded, scary thought!! So we power walked through the mall like 2 crazy lady foreigners and as we did this scanned through the rest of the mall just incase we did find that perfect dress - then the stay might be worth it.

We made a quick stop at 7/11 buying only that to fuel our sugar levels - sour skittles and m&m’s.

Needless to say our window shopping trip was fun, there were some great skirts and dresses and we'll definitely be back soon!

Zai Jian Da Jia!

Love, Petra

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