Friday, May 6, 2011

Photoshoot, Day Three- Models, models, models

Photoshoot, Day Three- Models, models, models!

Today was a blast; I can’t believe it’s already over.
We all met at our office at 8am to prep the models for hair and make-up. While they were getting their hair and makeup did, Kanch, Shivani and I packed up 20 items of clothing, and chose where our first location would be.

We decided to shoot mainly in the MTR stations around Hong Kong because each station had some really great coloured walls, and each station was a different colour.

We hired our lovely van guy for the day and our first stop was Heng Fa Chuen which was a red MTR station. Our gorgeous models got into their first outfits and we made our way into the station after being dropped off.

We had to rush and get our shots before the MTR guys kicked us out. Which they did, four times-hhaha. So we left the station and shot outside an apartment complex.
It was pretty intense keeping up with everything because we had to change the models jewellery and accessories nearly every 5 minutes. And trust me; we had A LOT of jewellery to shoot!

We then went to Shau Kei Wan MTR which was a beautiful royal blue/purple colour. Our models had already changed for their third look so we were right on schedule or even ahead of schedule! We then had to say goodbye to our blonde bombshell model Nic because she had another casting to go to but we couldn’t be happier with her shots : )

Our next stop was Sai Wan Ho which was a bright yellow station, and finally Quarry Bay, where we shot outside the station and then inside which was an aqua colour. We aimed to finish at 7pm but we finished at 4:45 instead. We are so overwhelmed that everything came together- I must admit, there were a few hiccups on the way! But everything turned out great and we shot more than we had anticipated.

What a rollercoaster ride. Our photoshoots were such a success and the KC team would like to thank everyone that made this possible.

Hair & Make up: Gurjit Kaur

Models: Nicoline Hansson & Uny Chiu

Photographer: Markus

Love, Petra

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