Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photoshoot Day One - An intern's prespective

Today we asked Petra, our faithful intern to share her views, feelings and insights on her first 3 day photo shoot:

Day 1: 7pm - Laughing from over exhaustion

Quite excited to be on my first three day photo shoot for which I and another intern (Shivani) were in charge of from start to finish - felt like my baby was about to be born.

So here we go after a long trip to China the day before, we started at the office at 8am -lately it seems our hours at work have been endless this results to living in our second home (also known as our scared studio space or office) has rendered us absolute delight.
The team at Kanchan Couture has been super busy developing, testing, planning, brainstorming and researching as we’ve developed our very first line of jewellery along with a new collection of scarves and belts. As this has been in the making for a couple of months now, it is really quite cool to see our vision and products come to life.
We all got up extra early to prepare everything for the shoot - this included packing, labeling, counting products and double checking the run down for the 3 days shoot. For the first two days we were kindly lent a beautiful office space of a dear friend of Kanch. And on day 3 we plan to shoot out door (which is def my favorite).

Getting on location we unpacked all of our products and equipment and got straight into shooting. The first set up in terms of getting the color-ing right with the lights etc took much longer than I had expected which I was later told that it always take time for the first set up and then its smooth sailing from there. Note to self: next shoot incorporate this into the time schedule.

We started with our Heart Earrings which we previously launched on Groupon Hong Kong. Next was the new animal charm collection. We got some great shots for our new look book and the colors of all our products are so fun and playful they make you want to play with them all day.

As the day ended - we got on the bus laughing at all the silly jokes of the day and planning our team trip to ocean park.

Feeling satisfied and looking forward to another day on concept shots tomorrow.

Stay tuned for day two update!

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