Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Ad Campaigns & Editorials

I’ve been doing some research on banners on successful e-commerce sites and fashion editorials for our brand, Kanchan Couture.

Slowly I’ve been assigned to take over most of Kanchan Couture’s web projects from facebook, to helping create our new shopping website. We’ve almost reached the end of this now but there is still a lot to do, tiring, but exciting.

Because summer is approaching and our website goes live at the end of this month, we need a couple of fabulous summery banners. I’ve been looking for ideas while trying to link editorials to e-commerce.

After the shoot with our models last month we had a ton of photos to choose from. Although they were great we have to think about each market and the types of models that appeal to different countries.
Hong Kong is quite the international city and everything works here because Hong Kong is made up of hundreds of nationalities.
As for China, Chinese models and Chinese mix models are really popular. I remember going to Pan Yu with Kanch and Shivani and seeing billboard after billboard of ads featuring mainly Chinese models & few mixes.

I remember when Karl Lagerfeld used Blake Lively for a Chanel Mademoiselle Campaign and there was some controversy about Ms Lively not being the right candidate for the European market.

I adore summer editorials, the vibrant and contrasting colours and glowing dewy skin, it actually brings to mind the Gucci Summer ad campaign.

I had the ladies of Kanchan Couture pick out their favourite pre summer editorials 2011, check them out!

Shivani's pick
Flavia de Oliveira by Marcelo Krasilcic for Elle Italia
My Pick
Isabeli Fontana for Vogue Paris by Mert & Marcus

Annie's pick
Shelia Marquez by David Roemer for Marie Clarie Spain

I asked Kanch which ads she liked or disliked and she mentioned the Esprit sunglasses ads that have taken over ad spaces at Hong Kong bus stops.
Even though i asked for Kanch's opinion we all agreed that it was super boring, yawn, not
surpised that i can't find it online hahah!

Dreaming of summer holidays……

Love, Petra

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