Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ohh What a Night!

Kanchan Couture has been prepping now for over one month for the ReDress: Forever Better with Miele Fashion Show.

What was it? Well it was a fashion show featuring 15 Hong Kong designers’ reconstructed creations using second-hand clothing sourced from local clothing banks.

We were lucky to be part of this event and create 4 dresses, 2 walked down the runway at Watermark, Upper Deck in Central and 2 will be displayed at Harvey Nichols, Hong Kong next week.

All day we were rushing to get things ready, sewing and putting the finishing touches on our accessories to go with the outfits.
Kanch and Shivani left at about 6pm to prep the dressers while I had to rush to Kwun Tong to pick up some posters and be back at the office before 7 so Annie and I could leave together. It was a race against time, but I made it. All the power walking has lead me to believe I have dropped 10 pounds-ha!

It was 7:15pm and we just made it on time. We got out of the lift and walked towards Watermark, a HUGE; 6 metre mountain of second hand clothes greeted us at the front entrance. When our outfits came down the runway there was a gush of excitement.

Hardly any of the dresses that night looked like they were made of second hand clothes. The construction was impeccable and definitely gave a new meaning to second hand clothes.

We are always interested to participate in events like this because it really works to educate the consumer on how much of a wasteful society we really are. When I talk to Kanch about this she said:

“As a designer I really quite enjoyed the design process of the two deconstructed garments – it seems almost like a game/ puzzle taking of you have and making something new. Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

On sustainability…I think the world is getting more aware that we really do have a problem and we are an over consuming existence, and it needs to change. A lot of designers are getting more conscientious about how they produce their lines and what kind of carbon footprint they are leaving behind. The eco market has developed substantially at a speedy rate and will continue to do this. It is here to stay.”

Thank you to all the wonderful people that came and made it such a special evening, I only hope the future brings an increased eco friendly existence.

Love Petra,

The team

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