Monday, July 23, 2012


Ah, street style, it's everywhere and it's different everywhere you go so it's not surprising that so many bloggers have gone viral due to their dedication of documenting street style in their country or all over the world.

Blogs such as the
Sartorialist post beautiful photographs of strangers with a unique sense of style and have even snapped a few Hong Kongers.
I love these sites for a bit of inspiration or just for a quick browse, sites like these usually post images of anything unique, quirky, inventive and inspiring.
Style is personal and unique, and the way it all comes together creates your personal style. Before style was quite generic, it was either this or that, but now fashion and style has evolved and people have become more experimental with fashion, different cuts, styles, prints, fabrics, lengths, shapes, you name it.

Whenever I go to Page One book store I always check out the fashion section before traipsing through the rest of the aisles. I Always pick up the street style books by Nylon Magazine, Japanese street style books and my personal favourite the new age Club Kids fashion book.
I adore flicking through these especially the more outrageous ones such as the Club Kids and the Japanese fashion. Even the most outrageous outfit can be toned down or even turned up to fit your personal style. Theres just something about these books that draw me in despite having seen them so many times, one of those coffee table books you know? Something timeless, simple, for a quick browse.

The new era Club Kids style book is based on the socialites and clubs kids in the 1980s that pranced around New York in the craziest attire and eventually became famous for their fashion and lifestyle and eventually a murder.

When I was younger I used to be quite critical about others fashion sense , I don't know why, but I've come to love other individuals style, I mean if we all dressed the same the world would be a boring place now wouldn't it? Fashion is about inspiration and fun and style is about individuality and personal preference.

Our favourite street wear items from the Kanchan Couture line are the easy to wear accessories, scarves, cuffs, and jewellery. These are the best ways to spruce up your outfit whether you're wearing a scarf as a top, around your neck or as a hair band, play with some accessories and it will look more complete.

Adding a broach is another one of our favourite ways to accessorize for street styling, its practical and also looks good, attach it to your bag, or clothing item and you're good to go!

But most importantly be yourself in whatever you do, wear whatever you want with a smile and live, love and laugh as we at KC like to say.

Love, Petra

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