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It seems there is an overwhelming lust for summer with the amount of prints and colours the KC team have been wearing! So I decided to write this entry on the perfect prints for this spring/summer and the types of fit for your body!

There are tons of print trends out there now lace, florals, gypsy, colour blocking, tie-dye and more.

Tie-dye is super trendy at the moment and it was definitely in full swing during Coachella. Being an outdoor festival it seems to represent spring and summer really well and is sort of a platform of how people will be dressing for the next few months. Tie-dye is great because you can DIY or pick up something at a great price with this print. Because it’s tie-dye I’d prefer to do it myself as its more fun creating your own design, choosing your own colours and customizing it you suit your personal style exactly. Tie-dye is also a lot cheaper to do it yourself, sure the dye can cost a bit but you could easily pick up a cheap plain cotton tee and you could make a couple for the price of one. In terms of

Fit- Anyone can rock the tie-dye trend, its universal. You can snip the hemline and make it more bohemian, or you and cut half of the tee off and make it a cropped top. I would recommend giving it your unique touch, leaving a tie-dye tee in its boring basic t-shirt form is very 90s. Cut it up for a modern edge, and wear it with a smile.

*Style tip: I love doing DIY, theres nothing like having something completely one of a kind. Cut up the sleeves, cut them off or even just cut one shoulder. You can choose from tons of different colours of t-shirt dye, just dye even one sleeve or the whole tee! Snip snip!

The floral print trend is blossoming this year which has come in many different forms, from shirts, dresses, shorts, lining of garments, accessories and more. A year ago you could say that this trend is borderline Grandmother/curtain but it’s stepped out of that stereotype and people are rocking this trend everywhere-and looking good. It’s a very pretty, fun trend that has a youthful vibe to it. Summer days are said to be getting hotter everywhere and a floral, gypsy style dress is a must-have for summer. It’s airy so you won’t feel hot or restricted and with the right accessories and shoes you could wear this trend anywhere.
Fit- Make sure when you’re wearing something floral that it doesn’t overwhelm you. You don’t want to look frumpy or like the dress is wearing you. If you’ve got a baggy floral dress and you’re on the curvy side, put a belt under your bust to give the dress a bit of structure and shape, you don’t want to be lost in a floral dress. For the petite l girls a floral dress looks great if you’re showing a bit of skin. Floral dresses are usually baggy and you so you don’t want to get lost in the fabric. Showing your shoulders or legs shows that you’re wearing the dress-not the other way around.

Tribal and Aztec inspired prints are also a huge trend this summer. The thing I love about this trend is that it’s limitless; there are all types of geometric shapes/patterns and all types of colours. There is such a range when it comes to this trend and it’s such a fun way to dress and quite exotic and different to many trends in the past.
It’s my favourite trend at the moment as it can come in many forms, shoes, accessories, jewelry and more.
Fit- not all prints are flattering, it all depends on your figure and the shape of the item of clothing. If you’re a curvy girl, try to avoid prints that go horizontal which do appear to make you look larger. It you’re a petite girl try to avoid large clustered prints, as you could get lost within the item of clothing. Have fun with this trend; try the large African inspired necklaces with a simple black dress so that it’s not over powering.

What types of prints are you loving this season?

Love, Petra

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