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Fashion Films

Ah fashion films, they've been around for decades and never seem to go out of style, starting with the very early silent films such as Pandora's Box which debuted the fringe/bob hairstyle that was all the rage in the 1920s.

I would describe a fashion film as something that relies, focuses or relates to fashion a lot as they rely on fashion to tell a story of a certain character.
When a character changes clothes often within the movie and shows different trends and styles, everything is considered such as accessories, jewellery, fabrics, colours and so much more to create a vibe, an emotion or an atmosphere.
When I think of a fashion film I'm overwhelmed by my thoughts because of all the great films I have seen and have yet to see.

It's wonderful that movies from as early as the 20s are still around for us to see what life, fashion, lingo and genres of movies were out back then.

Even films that came out later on still kept the spirit of fashion from regular wardrobe changes to the dialogue of these fashionistas.

Some of the most popular fashion movies are from the 40s to 60s with Breakfast and Tiffany's becoming a huge hit, Grease, Pretty in Pink and Cleopatra which featured some of the most famous women, style icons and role models of today, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Olivia Newton John.

I asked Kanch what one of her favourite fashion movies was and she mentioned Clueless filmed in 1995 which I have to agree with! Definitely a chick flick and fun to watch with outrageous outfits and toned down outfits.

I will always remember one part of Clueless when Cher played by Alicia Silverstone comes down from her room to greet her date and uptight lawyer father before she goes on her date in a short white dress.
Her father then asks "What the hell is that?" and Cher replies, "It's a dress" And in disbelief her father says "Says who?" to which Cher retaliates "Calvin Klein."
We also can't forget the talented Britney Murphy who was the new kid in town and was "adopted" by Cher and took her under her wing. Britney Murphy who had a more grungy style at the beginning of the movie makes it truly a fashion film with it's diverse styles and make-over scenes.

Another fashion film that I will watch every now and then till the day I die is Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997) where 2 best friends find themselves with an invite to their reunion where they were considered the losers of their school (even though they had impeccable fashion sense.) Dreading the reunion they prep themselves before they have to face the mean girls of their year. It's a fashionable, humorous, fun journey where they learn a little bit about themselves and end up living their dream, owning their own boutique.

There was a film that came out last year called The Artist which was a black and white silent film focusing on a relationship between a rising actress and an older silent film star. This romantic comedy drama is set in the 1920s to early 30s and is jam packed full of fashion, featuring beautiful constructed tuxedos and flapper dresses.
The 1920s was when fashion really came alive and women started to take risks like cutting their hair shorter and shortening hem lines.
Every outfit seemed completely thought out and theres just something charming about a fashionable 1920s black and white silent film that is just captivating.

The Artist

Romy & Michele's High School Reunion




All I can say is keep 'em coming and we'll keep watching them!! Do you have a favourite fashion movie?
Love, Petra

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