Wednesday, July 18, 2012

K&P Banter: THEN & NOW

P: This week we’re talking about all things fashion then and now, is there anything in fashion that you wish was still trendy like before?

K: Yes women dressing like women

P: Is there an outfit that you wore once that you really regret?

K: Um no regret but def. some funny memories to look back to - my neon short tights with multi color over sized tees, next was super dark lip stick shades, boxers and overalls and then I became a woman.

P: Hahah and how do you think fashion has changed since a few years ago?

K: A lot, as society changes so does fashion - with the easy connectivity of the Internet the world is a much smaller place so its a whole different retail world out there. Also with the economy up and down its really changed a lot. I could write an essay on this question alone.

P: How has the brand changed since you launched your first collection?

K: A lot as well. A brand is like having a baby it glows slowly and changes with each age and time.

P: Whats in store for the future?

K:Well for now a new jewellery line and then world domination.

P: I completely agree!

Until next week guys!

Love, Petra

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