Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fashionably Late Update

Hello fashionistas!

I'm sorry it's been a few weeks but we've been ever so busy with the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair and our Charity events recently that we haven't had time to update you all.

But, we're back now and I just wanted to share some of our latest endeavors.
So 2 weeks ago we participated in the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair which Kanch and I get excited about every year for a couple of reasons, 1. We get to show our jewelry and new collections, 2. Meeting fabulous new people and new clients, 3. Dressing up in our heels and dresses and finally 4. The vintage section- of course.

This time around we had more jewelry to show to buyers and clients, about 14 more collections than last year and Kanch and I were running around our little chic booth prepping, calculating, tagging, and talking.
It certainly paid off and we had a lot of people interested in our designs which we're ecstatic about and even had a visit from a former Miss Asia for purchase a couple of items and made a request about one of our earrings which i customized for her!

Check out the pictures below!

Love, Petra

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