Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Kanch and I were talking this week about the dos and don'ts of fashion and even though trends come and go and rules change, there are a few things that will always apply. 

Here are some of our major fashion dos and don'ts

1. Length: Do experiment with lengths of your clothes like skirts, dresses, and tops fo example. Midi skirts and dresses are becoming increasingly popular and take on the 40s and 50s look. But, DON'T wear micro skirts and shorts because it’s so last season. 

2. Basics: Do stock up on your basics such as the LBD, denim shorts, white tees and black trousers as these pieces will never go out of style. Although basics are our comfort zones, don't always rely on your basics. DON'T always go plain jane, dress up your basic look with funky and chunky jewelry or wear a brightly coloured jacket or heels. 

3. Statement: Do make a statement with your outfit, wear at least one thing that stands out, whether it's jewelry or maybe some red trousers. DON'T hide in a fashion shadow, stand out.... 

4. Body: Be aware of your body shape, wear clothes that flatter your figure and enhance your curves or invest in a pair of good quality spanx. DON'T wear ill-fitting garments. Be body conscious, don't wear super tight jeans and a short top if you're spilling out the top of your jeans. 

5.Donate: Do donate your unworn or out of season clothes to charity, DON'T throw them away; there are people that need it more than you.

Our picks for certain body types: 

Wear items that are figure hugging but not too tight. Wearing pieces that accentuate your waist are great such as items with a waist band or are high waisted. 

Items that are slightly baggy are flattering for slim figures but make sure something is accentuated such as your waist to balance your look 

Love, Petra

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