Monday, September 10, 2012

2011/12 FASHION

A year in fashion is finally over with the September issues wrapping up everything glam of the past year but there have been some very memorable moments.

I decided to take a look back at the most memorable fashion shows of 11'/12' from the drama to the glamour, here is our round up and our favourites.

Continuing from the past year, who can forget the John Galliano debacle thats been dragging on for quite some time but this month Galliano will stand trial for the incident and face a £21,000 fine.
On another note, Dior seemed to be really struggling with his absence and with its first couture show without him was really quite tragic. However, Dior certainly redeemed itself with a beautiful simple and elegant Spring Summer 12' couture collection that rekindled or love and lust for CD.

These past seasons also featured some unlikely runway models such as the younger Kardashian/Jenner sisters Kylie and Kendall modeling for brands such as Abbey Dawn, Avril Lavigne's line and recently Sherri Hill. Other guests include Kristie Alley, among other celebrities.

Some controversial topics that occurred last year was Vogue Italia that was 'lost in translation' with a certain product in their "Shop the Trends" section where they sold Slave Earrings, which they changed to 'Ethnic Earrings' a couple of hours later following a large amount of backlash.

Another topic that caught my eye was political leaders becoming fashion icons once again. The last we saw of a fashionable politcal leader or a princess perhaps that has driven sales and become an icon in just a few months. Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton are the top contenders with their classic, simple and elegant charm, a refreshing sight from the youth of today and their constant need to top each other by wearing less and less.
Luckily we have these ladies to inspire a look that we most certainly need back.

Paris fashion week was in for a real surprise when Zhaia Dehar a former teen prostitute who was involved a famous French footballer showed her lingerie collection at Paris Couture Week which was well received considering her past endeavors. She is also said to be Karl Lagerfeld's new muse.

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