Monday, July 26, 2010

"I was made for loving you baby"

IT'S GO TIME. Runway, ready. Hair, done. Make-up, done. Models, ready. MC, in place. Music, on standby. Audience, naked. Wait... Naked?! The nightmares before an event had begun. I always tend to get nervous towards the build up of an event. As the nights progressed, the dreams got more erratic: models tripping (which is actually kind of funny in my head), music choice switched to ‘I was made for loving you baby’ by KISS – don’t ask why, hair & makeup shows up late and we decide - head banging for 20 minutes makes for ideal runway hair… None of this makes sense to me either.

On the 14th of July, we launched ‘Kanch’ by Kanchan Couture at VERO Lounge. It was fun, glamorous, fast paced, and hard work! I have attended fashion show events in the past. You go with your friends after work, have a few drinks, try the canapés, network, tip-toe on your shoes to get a glimpse of the clothes, and either head out to dinner or more drinks to finish off your night. Sounds pleasant… when you’re not working the event!

The night flew by in a blur and before we knew it, it was over. We gathered 300 of Hong Kong’s hippest, our friends, press, and fashion lovers. From the moment the doors opened, there was a light buzz of chatter in the air. There was Kanchan Couture staff flying around from one corner of the venue, to the other. A winding long line of guests waiting to get in. The scent of perfumes and chocolate in each breath of air, was thick. Before we could inhale, it started…

I pressed play from the back of the venue… The music started. Boom boom boom, I was concentrating on the tempo of the song. The crowd was dense. People had their hands in the air, taking photographs with their iphones and digital cameras. Professional photographers clicked away, the flashes bouncing off of the clothes and models. People watched. I ran to the edge of the runway. I made my way through the sea of viewers, who wouldn’t give up their viewing space, ready to make my thank you speech.

I have always appreciated my friends and family. And it is at these types of events, special occasions, and unique moments that you notice who your real friends are. I had personally invited via text message two or three people, whom I just wanted present. For reasons unsure, they were not able to attend. It did make me sad. However, as I was talking on the microphone, I searched the crowd for familiar faces. I saw the happy eyes of my friends who were there. It made me realize that there are friends who cared, loved and adored me. I love my friends who came to support me. I then imagined how Kanch felt on the night. Her feelings must have been a lot stronger, it was her event after all. Had everyone she had been expecting, attended?
Finale, Kanch walked down the runway…she looked so happy, her smile ran from ear to ear. Her mother, a muse in Kanch’s designs, watched and smiled with pride. It was over.

Back stage interviews and press photographers continued through the night, but it all felt like an outer body experience. It wasn’t until the next day I was able to process what had happened the night before. Anyone who has worked in events can tell you, no matter how many events you’ve worked on, the anxiousness before an event, never changes. You’re worrying about guest lists, equipment, stock, models, music, MC, venue, food, drink, etc, but at the same time, you’re fueled by the adrenaline and at the end of the night, it all seems to work out. My first fashion show, done.

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